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Epson micro spray pictorial machine personalized wall picture output tool

by:Colorunion     2020-09-05
Wallpaper industry in our country, personalized wall painting is developing rapidly in recent years. More and more companies began to engaged in the production of personalized wall paintings. In the face of the fierce market competition, the world's leading digital imaging brand epson has launched a series of three large S micro spray pictorial machine & trade; Epson SureColor S30680, Epson SureColor S50680 and Epson SureColor S70680, with its characteristics of high-quality, fast, and environmental protection to the interpretation of many users to quickly to green life of beauty, also gives your wallpaper manufacturers a personalized wall picture output.

Epson SureColor S30680

color is rich, stable personalized wall picture output better
Epson by 64 inches of S series micro spray pictorial machine & trade; Originally used in high-end advertising printing micro spray pictorials & reg; Technology applied to the output of personalized wall paintings, to meet consumer pursuit of higher quality personalized wall paintings. Epson micro spray pictorial machine & trade; S series products adopt epson TFP micro piezo print head design, can spit out minimum 3. 5 liters of drops slightly, let personalized wall painting design is more exquisite and delicate. Epson Epson SureColor S30680, Epson SureColor S50680 use live color GS2 weak solvent ink, double four-color, four colours respectively output, output colour is gorgeous. And Epson SureColor S70680 use Epson living color GSX weak solvent ink, is double tenth color output. In addition, Epson SureColor S50680 can choose white ink, can be used in white in a dark medium design of modelling and the base for the whole color picture ( For example prints on a dark background in a color of flowers, flower do substrate with white ink, color ink printed on white ink layer, the color of the flower won't be too deep background interference, still beautiful bloom) 。 Broke the previous personalized wall picture can only print on light colored base material limitations. Today, the use of white ink greatly expand the personalized creative space of the wall painting, and stretch out a lot of design personalized wall picture, better meet the diverse needs of users. And Epson SureColor S70680 besides choose white ink, still can choose silver ink and color selection more rich. The colour of it is worth mentioning that live GS2, living color GSX weak for quick dry ink, solvent ink can be avoided by fusion drops lower the quality of output. The epson micro spray pictorial machine & trade; S series of products with the three sections of heating system can realize prepress dielectric heating, which can effectively enhance the ink adhesion, stability of the ink drop shape, further to ensure the high quality of output.
in addition to the pattern is bright beautiful, pretty, waterproof, prevent oxidation, light and so on is also the important indicators of quality of wallpaper. Near the window, for example, wallpaper, because all the year round is sunlight, prone to color difference between different areas. Living color GS2, living GSX weak solvent ink color chemical composition is improved, the colour of excellent durability, guarantee the epson micro spray pictorial machine & trade; The wallpaper of S series product output can be used long without change.
high speed output personalized wall picture delivery cycle shorter
on the premise of ensure the output quality, personalized wall picture output speed of ascension can effectively shorten the delivery cycle, on the one hand can make the wallpaper enterprise is more likely to win customer satisfaction, on the other hand can also reduce the production cost for them, and increase the profit. Epson SureColor S30680 using single TFP micro piezo print head, each color has 720 fine spray nozzle, and Epson SureColor S50680 and Epson SureColor S70680 more use double TFP micro piezo print head, Epson SureColor S50680 output speed up to 51 in production mode. 8 square meters/hour. Nozzle number of print head with intelligence drops transformation technology, according to actual demand emits drops of different sizes, and received a significant boost to print speed. Epson S series large-format micro spray pictorial machine & trade; Make wallpaper enterprise decoration season in the spring and autumn season, can use the time saved to undertake more business, thus increasing profits. In winter summer off-season, domestic outfit can save originally in production to pay overtime payment, reduce the production cost.
ehs personalized wall picture reproduction health life
personalized wall picture as part of the users daily life environment, its environmental performance about the health directly, this means that the wallpaper production enterprise only personalized wall picture to ensure that product has superior environmental performance, to get more customers, more easily achieve sales. At the same time, green health personalized wall painting production threat to the health of its employees also greatly reduced. Live GS2 weak solvent ink color completely to have carcinogenic effects of nickel element in addition to the human body, achieve the Nordic swan environmental protection system certification standards, make use of the ink on the output of personalized wall painting friendly to environment and human body are harmless.
epson introduced personalized wall painting solution, for the wallpaper enterprise seize provides technical support for new profit growth point. Epson micro spray pictorial machine & trade; Epson SureColor S30680, Epson SureColor S50680 and Epson SureColor S70680 output personalized wall paintings, high quality, high speed, the output personalized wall paintings can last longer and harmless, environmental protection will greatly increase the competitiveness of our personalized wall painting production enterprises. 【 Editor gaea gem 】
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