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EPSON laser printer output breakdown maintenance - blank paper Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-05
An EPSON EPL - N2500 laser printers, print out graphic, the output of blank paper.
failure analysis: the cause of the fault may be: toner, developing roller dc bias has not finished with, developing roller not suck to toners; Photosensitive drum off ground, negative charge are unable to discharge, a laser beam to work on the photosensitive drum; Photosensitive drum not rotating, there will be no image generation and to the paper; Laser scanning system for laser generator, lens, scanning motor and drive circuit malfunction.
troubleshooting: first disconnect the power of the printer, then check that the epson drums of toner, found in the drum unit with toner. The test page prints out then, close the printer power supply in the middle of the printing and then take out the drum unit components, observe if there is a latent image on the photosensitive drum drum unit image. Through observation, found no latent image image on photosensitive drum. And then put a mark in the drum of photosensitive area. Back into the printer. Switched on for a while and then take out, check mark, found that the mark has been moved, photosensitive drum to rotate. Then remove the excitation light scanning components, the laser generator, a lens group, mirror, such as clean, after boot test, troubleshooting, appears to be the laser scanning components polluted cause printing paper.
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