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Epson color inkjet cartridge again how to monochrome printing

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
Used for epson color inkjet cartridge again users may encounter such a situation: because of the color inkjet series toner cartridge unit in black ink and color ink for between two completely independent selenium drum, any one drum unit without ink, could lead to toner cartridge unit cannot continue to work normally. This is indirectly caused the colors after use or long-term need not lead to the ink dries, even if they don't print color images, cannot use drums of black ink in grayscale print normal files. So is there a way to solve this problem - how to monochrome printing, here the author is personal experience after repeated practice, to teach you. On the premise of selenium drum electricity, first click on the drum unit properties option, confirm the drums and drums before open without ink, at this point, the drum unit automatically slide to the middle of the track, take out the toner cartridge unit. It's important to note that drum unit must not wrong, because the old drums take out again after mount, drum unit will default to the ink. Then will be below the drum unit with dry dishcloth drip holes out of the ink to wipe clean, and related instruments measure the width of the selenium drum hole roughly, and ready to corresponding to the length of the scotch tape. And then with just to prepare transparent tape seal drip hole, be careful not to stick. Will be processed after repack the drum drum, and then click on the drum unit properties, select monochrome print options, can be accomplished. In this way, the user's color inkjet cartridge again will be able to use only black ink left in the job output. Through the sham as the genuine, deceive the drums, so that it changed the new drum unit 'thought', in fact just temporarily did not use the drum unit. Thus, for saving the drum unit, we can always use monochrome printing, until they want to replace color drum unit.
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