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Drums manufacturers drums manufacturers to teach you how to save the drum unit wholesale cost

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
Wholesale drum is a toner cartridge unit cost money more than a, in addition to instrument drum unit, part of the printing paper is also cannot be ignored. Usually, we use the printing paper is copy paper. Now copy paper, in addition to copy, print, fax, can be used when it is for the sake of cost saving, the drum unit manufacturers drums manufacturers to teach you how to save the toner cartridge unit wholesale costs, introduce some experience to save paper. 1, the transformation plan choice of small size, can be seen typed can save the use of narrow margins and line spacing, reduce font size: ordinary files of spacing is 2. About 54 cm, spacing is 3. About 17 cm, line spacing is about 3 mm, size is generally small 3 or 4. In informal documents, can be appropriately narrow margins and line spacing, reduce font size. Can be 'on the sky, even under the ground, both sides has enough', for the font size, with clear advisable, can need 5, small four with small four number no 4. 2, the two sides against, are two sides to use as much as possible: a lot of people use paper type, only side without the other, but in the informal document, as long as it has no effect on the reading, it can use the front and at the same time, it can save half of the paper. 3, thin body try to use thin paper: printing paper is divided into its thickness. Gram is higher, the more paper material cost is high; Gram is lower, the less paper material cost is low. Relevant data shows, a piece of thick paper drum unit is a piece of tissue paper 2 - Three times. Visible with tissue paper can save a lot. Select 60% concentration of inky can see clear, also can save the ink 4, section ink as far as possible not bold fonts: print, can not bold, without the blackbody as far as possible need not, also can save ink or lead powder. Moreover when don't need to print the formal documents, we can choose to selenium drum section of high speed and ink pattern printing. manufacturers drums manufacturers tip: 70 grams of copy paper has been basically can satisfy the need of daily print, only the more important files, only need to use g high copy paper. For reasons of cost, the daily normal file print, should not blindly pursue g, 70 g copy paper, white degree is high, as long as the paper don't have a paper jam, out powder, is a good choice. , selenium drum manufacturers drums factory technician told you: file can use a computer network transmission is as far as possible in the network transmission, such as E-mail, unit interior network, etc. , so also can save a lot of paper. High brand copy paper, paper whiteness, uniform thickness, not a paper jam, has become a multitude of government, business, office paper. Above is the drum unit manufacturers drums manufacturers to teach you how to save the drum unit wholesale cost, hope can help you.
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