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Drums manufacturers drum unit works

by:Colorunion     2020-09-18
” Selenium drum manufacturers & quot; Brand, the product has been a large number of reliable quality to win customers recognition. unit is known to all, but really understand drums manufacturers drum drum unit what works, I don't think everyone is clear or not very professional on this question. Today invited drums manufacturers drums expert about selenium drum drum unit under the technical advice for everyone. Selenium drum manufacturers drums people also called homemade drum unit, the working principle of drum unit in figure important is drum charcoal powder is in the process of printing image, and then what makes these carbon powder will form in the page document? First of all, we need to know what is called the latent image. is a coating on the surface of organic material ( A rare element selenium,) Cylinder, with a charge in advance, when there is a light, parts by irradiation resistance reaction will happen. And send the data signal control emission of the laser, scanning on the surface of the drum, the light changes unceasingly, this will in some places by irradiation, smaller resistance, and charge disappear, also in some places there is no light, still have the charge, eventually, the surface of the drum unit is formed by the charge of latent image. Working principle of the drum unit parts, sources of selenium drum charcoal powder is a kind of electric charge in the small resin particles, carbon powder charge and the charge on the drum surface polarity, in contrast, when with a charge of the surface of the drum unit through the ink roller is part of the charge adsorption toner particles, so the latent image becomes a real images. And when the toner cartridge rotation at work at the same time, the printing system to transfer printing paper, printing paper with the same as the drum surface polarity but a lot of charge, then the paper after a toner, drum unit, toner were drawn to the printing paper, on the surface of the drum unit image on the surface of the paper form. At this point, the toner and printing paper is merely charge of attraction and together, before printing paper was sent out the drum unit, after high temperature heating, toner to melt, in the process of cooling solidification on the surface of the paper. After toner attached to printing paper, selenium drum surface will continue to rotate, after a cleaner, the remaining toner are removed, in order to get to the next print circulation. Drums expert to explain the drums manufacturers today what's working principle of the selenium drum, problem say very clear, we also understand a lot of knowledge, if later still have what not understand drums manufacturers working principle of the selenium drum, or what is the working principle of the drum unit, also can consult our technical experts, technical support hotline: 13509656397, at the same time can also visit the drum unit's official website: WWW. southyusen。 Com, selenium drum agent friends, welcome to toll-free hotline: 400 - 0755 - 226.
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