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Drums can't print ten kinds of solutions

by:Colorunion     2020-09-25
We in the office work, often appear the phenomenon of drum unit can't print, then we how to solve? Here by the print drum unit manufacturer provides ten kinds of solutions, as follows. One, make the drum unit in the online state. If the drum unit is not in the online, nature is unable to print. Second, reopened drum unit. If the drums in the online state is still unable to print documents, at this stage, you can reopen drum unit, not only clear the drum unit memory, also can solve a lot of printing failures. Third, sets the drum unit to the default drum unit. Steps are as follows: 1. Click the Windows 'start' menu, point to 'Settings', click on the 'drum', open the 'toner cartridge' window. 2. Right-click on the drum unit icon, the system pop-up shortcut menu, click the 'set as default'. Fourth, cancel the pause to print. Method is: the 'drum' window, right-click on the drum unit icon, and then click to clear 'on hold' option before printing checkmark 'tick'. Fifth, the available space on your hard drive is not less than 10 MB. If available hard drive space is less than 10 MB, it is necessary to release more space system to complete the print tasks. At this time, please click the 'disk cleanup' button, and then in the 'file' in the list box, select to delete the file type, click the 'ok' button. Sixth, increase selenium drum timeouts. Check or change the timeout, steps are as follows: 1. In the 'drum' window, right-click on the toner cartridge unit icon and then click 'properties'. 2. Click on the 'details' TAB, under 'timeout' increase the timeout. 'Hasn't been selected items are specified Window s wait for drums into the online time, after more than a specified time will display an error message. Seven, ensure to print to the appropriate local port. Steps are as follows: 1. In the 'drum' window, right-click on the drum unit icon and then click 'properties'. 2. Click on the 'details' TAB, in the 'print' to the following port box, ensure that has set the drums to the appropriate port. Commonly used port is set to 'LPT1', there are drum unit using the USB port. Eight, the program produces the output is not correct. To determine the generated output program is correct, can be used by other methods validation program to print the document. We take 'notepad' print test documentation, steps are as follows: 1. Click start, point to 'program', pointing to the 'attachment', click 'notepad', open 'notepad' window. 2. Type in a few lines of text, and then in the 'file' menu, click the 'print' command. If you can print test documentation, is the original you use for printing program has a problem, please reinstall the application. Nine, replace the drum unit drivers. Sometimes, drivers are likely to be damaged, causing unable to print documents. We are prepared to install the appropriate driver, and then print. 1. In the 'drum' window, right-click on the toner cartridge unit icon and then click 'delete', then click 'yes' button. If the system prompt 'delete file' especially for the drum unit, please click 'yes' button. If prompted to delete the default drum unit, please click 'ok' button. 2. In the 'drum' window, double click the 'add selenium drum' icon, open the 'add drum unit wizard, click the' next 'button, and then execute the screen instructions. Ten, to make sure port and drums cable work. Carried out by the nine after work, the following method will help you find further problem: 1. Drums cable connection is stable if the computer directly connected to the drum unit, be sure to connect the cable on both ends of the computer and drum unit has stuck. If you use the print switching equipment, please bypass switching equipment, the drum unit directly connected to the computer, and then try to print. 2. Test port to connect the drum unit to another port are available, and try again to print documents, if you can print suggests that damage of the original port. 3. Test change another drum unit cable drums cable, and then retry to print documents, if you can print indicates the original cable damage.
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