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Drum unit wholesale - Drums of consumables

by:Colorunion     2020-09-14
unit wholesale - Drums of consumables including drums, drum unit, ink, toner, ribbons, paper, etc. Inkjet cartridge again: in real life call ink what is more, such as pen can be used in ink, but the pen with ink cannot be used for filling the inkjet cartridge again, although some may be more expensive than selenium drum ink and pen ink, key problem is that the chemical composition of the two are not the same. So when it comes to the ink, we should also mention what products is used in ink, here also is refers to the applicable products. In general in printing equipment, printing devices only using inkjet technology is used to ink. Excited to play drums, drum unit according to the structure can be divided into the following three categories: the integration of selenium drum, two body drums and three body selenium drum, integrated optical drum drum unit ( Photosensitive drum) , toner cartridge ( Developer roller) And the ink cartridges, the selenium drum in the design of the structure does not allow the user to add toner filling; Two body part drums for photoconductive toner cartridge, the other part is the toner cartridge with ink cartridges, user after using the toner, drum and the ink cartridges should be replaced parts, without change of photoconductive drum. Three body drum unit is divided into three separate parts: optical drum, drum, ink cartridges, users should be replaced after using the toner and ink cartridges can continue to use.
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