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Drum unit wholesale business has the capability of industry chain integration

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
unit wholesale business has the capability of industry chain integration s color toner rapid sales growth, drum unit wholesale continuously introduce new products and future growth space is huge: wholesale company drum unit continuously launch new products, has become a major domestic drum unit wholesale market suppliers, at the same time also has successfully entered the abroad such as Europe, the United States also has been a period of development, the future is expected to break through. Carrier company projects have been formally put into production, carrier and copycat powder breakthrough the company by the drum unit powder widen to the copier. Company in August off-season when color polymerization toner sales hit a record high, show that the company's market share is rapidly increased. With the new machine toner powder, copier and overseas import, color toner huge growth space in the future. S color polymerization toner as the core integration drum unit wholesale industry chain, has potential terminal to extension: companies with color polymerization toner high barriers to the industry chain link as the breakthrough point to the downstream integration, we think the wholesale company's future growth path from domestic to abroad, from print to the copy, by the toner cartridge unit manufacturer to the terminal to channel development. Company mentioned online sales center daily news has the advantage of good electricity channel fast development, we speculated that the company's future from the trend of the industry development of combination of online O2O mode will be conducive to improve the company's products sticky. S IC chip, sapphire CMP polishing drum unit is progressing, the future is expected to share high growth industry feast: polishing drums market is applied to the IC chip and sapphire processing polishing, high technical barriers, the total imports, is a windfall than color toner products, mobile phone Windows processing, for example, polishing drum unit to account for over 20% of the processing cost. Company's current CMP polishing pilot goes well, we think that once the future downstream sapphire application, rare sapphire processing enterprises downstream demand, polishing drum unit business will become a benefit in the field of sapphire processing chain. IC chip polishing, previously due to the need to do their own testing, high pay, progress is relatively slow, we learned from the industry there are third party inspection agencies, the company's future is expected to IC chip with polishing will drum unit synchronization with sapphire products to promote. Sapphire polishing drum market capacity is about 3 billion yuan, the polishing of IC chips drum market capacity of about $1. 5 billion, the company successfully cut into the feast will share the high growth industry.
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