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Drum unit structure

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09

in general by the aluminum substrate, drums accessories, as well as the substrate coated with light-sensitive material. According to different sensitive material, the basic can be divided into three types: OPC drum ( Organic photoconductive materials) , drums, Se Se) And ceramic drum ( a - Si ceramics) 。

from the life, the life of the OPC drum is shorter, usually only about 3000 pages, of course the price also is the most cheap.

Se drum life is about 9000 pages, a minus Si drum life is up to 90000 pages, the price rising of natural and so on.

in terms of composition, general OPC drum only three layers. The first layer is aluminum tube, the second layer is the insulation layer, the third layer is the photoreceptor layer. The drum unit ( Se Se) And ceramic drum ( a - Si ceramics) The surface was synthesized from 4 ~ 5 layers of material. Pottery drum, in particular, it is the fourth floor is the first protective layer, the fifth layer is the second layer, the fourth, fifth floor used to protect sensitive layer, in order to protect the drum unit long life.
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