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Drum unit manufacturer action brothers 7360 print partial light

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
We often meet with in our daily work to print the phenomenon of weak, so how to solve? Today let's toner cartridge manufacturers drums manufacturers action brothers 7360 print partial light. 1. Carbon powder quality pass. 2. Check the cartridges of rubber rollers are in good condition. 3. To check whether normal 4 enhancement scraper. Pieces out toner cartridge unit fault inspection according to the above steps, step by step to go out, if the overall weak basic can eliminate the fault is toner cartridge unit. 2 - after exclusion of carbon powder quality Article 3 is important, we can turn the development rubber roller to judge whether the powder storehouse problem, after we turn the rubber roller observation on the rubber roller powder quantity is enough? If a black powder is enough to consider 4, if no amount of powder enhancement scraper, can consider to change the cartridges or mediation is a very important development regulation of scraper is also need experience.
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