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Drum unit classification and structure features

by:Colorunion     2020-09-02
A, drum unit classification

drum is the most important of a laser printer consumables. Laser printer cartridge again according to the combination can be divided into the following three categories:

integration drum unit: the photoconductive drum ( Photosensitive drum) , drum ( Developer roller) And the ink cartridges for drum unit. The drums on the design structure in principle does not allow users to add toner but with the update of technology, this kind of drum can also add toner.

two body drum unit: refers to the drum unit for two independent parts: the part for the drum, the other part is the drum and the ink cartridges. After using the toner, users only need to replace drum and ink cartridges, without having to change the photosensitive drum.

three body drum unit: refers to the drums for three separate parts: photosensitive drum, drum, ink cartridges. The user after using the toner, only need to replace the ink cartridges. Some manufacturer called drum powder points away from the technology.

for two body and three body selenium drum, also need to be replaced when up to the service life. With alloy metal selenium photosensitive materials on the surface of the coated optical drum, due to its superior performance, can be * get the recognition of the vast majority of laser printer manufacturer, HP, Xerox, Lexmark, case study and so on laser printer manufacturer chooses the founder.

2, drum unit maintenance

1, don't make the drum unit directly exposed to sunlight or other strong light sources;

2. Replace the drum unit don't under the strong light, at the same time as soon as possible the completion of the installation;

3, drums light barrier shielding external light source, in order to protect the drum unit, do not open the photosensitive drum light barrier;

4, don't touch the surface of the photosensitive drum;

5, don't put the drum unit placed in high temperature, high humidity or low temperature, low humidity;

6, to ensure the drum unit away from the monitor, hard disk drives, floppy disk drive, or any magnetic material.

3, the structure of the drum unit,

1, the photosensitive drum, the drum is the heart of the one-piece carbon powder compact, all the sides of the other components are distributed in the photosensitive drum, drum centered play a different role. In the process of imaging, photosensitive drum charging and laser irradiation, the surface electrostatic latent image further form the toner image visible.

2, magnetic roller, namely developing roller, is one of the greatest influence on image density components. It is responsible for will be sucked out carbon powder from the warehouse, and carbon powder and carbon powder of friction charged. Due to show the effect of shadow bias magnetic roller, makes a charged toner 'beat'.

3, scraping knife, knife scraping powder is installed below the magnetic rod, responsible for controlling the magnetic roller on adsorption of carbon powder layer thickness, and help the carbon powder friction charged.

4, powder capsule: the so-called warehouse is used to pack powdered carbon powder storehouse, some powder storehouse in a blender, to ensure the toners smooth.

: 5, waste powder storehouse of waste powder warehouse. Toner image on the drum surface and can't one hundred percent of transfer printing on print media, in the part of the drum surface residual before the next imaging, clean scraper scraping, collect on the waste powder inside the warehouse.

6, clean scraper: responsible for clear feel an image of a light on the drum after transfer of residual carbon powder.

7, conduction rod: some compact powder storehouse exports have a toner induction rod, such as C3900A/C4092A etc, used for induction levels of carbon powder, when not enough carbon powder, magnetic roller and conduction rod there was a gap between, the machine will show running out of carbon powder and appear TONERLOW signal.

8, charging roller: responsible for the drum charging and discharging.

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