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Drum is the key to extend the life of the drum unit

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09
When consumer is buying drum unit, in addition to consider factors such as price, cost, functionality, performance, at the same time, should also consider the service life of a drum. We can easily get the service life of the drum unit, but to accurately estimate the life of a drum, is a very difficult thing.

the drums is one thing one can always use the equipment? Of course, the answer is no. Everything has a limit, the machine as well as biological, have certain life, some people think that the life of the drum unit determined by the number of printing paper, some people think that the life of drum unit according to the usual maintenance and the wear of machine parts, and the life of the people think that the choice of drum unit of drum unit play a key role, then what is the factor to decide the life of the drum unit?

so many of the factors affecting the service life of drums, and more complex, and as one of key components of the selenium drum, drum drum unit plays a key role to equipment, such as inkjet cartridge again using selenium drum, laser drums used drums or cartridges.

drums as printing devices for consumables, in every time after use, must be replaced, but in addition to the original drum unit, compatible with the drum unit, ink, toner, fake drums, choice of space is very large, and the use of these drums may also affect the life of the drum unit. That is why most of the selenium drum problems are caused by the drum unit.

so how should we do to prolong the service life of toner cartridge? Here some of the ways for your reference.

drum unit 4 ways to extend the service life of the drum unit

1, the proper use of drum is the premise to extend the life of the toner cartridge unit, when they have a problem, as far as possible don't blind to guess how to solve the problem, such as a paper jam, many friends will stuck pulling out of paper, it is not correct, try to avoid, can look for after-sales service or maintenance personnel to solve.

2, try to use the original toner cartridge unit, although the cost will be high, but the damage can be avoided because of the selenium drum drum unit. Plug nozzle due to fill the ink, for example, but the cost of the replacement of a print head is relatively high, and filling and toner burned drums chip may occur.

3, regular cleaning and maintenance drum unit can effectively extend the life of the drum unit. For laser selenium drum, can be regular cleaning cartridge protection device, feeding roller, vents and components, can also buy special laser selenium drum 'clean paper' to to clean the drum unit.

4, each print load drums have a month, not more than this number, as far as possible when in use if a larger print runs, can be finished several times, each time the print finish to pause for a few minutes and then to the next print, because overload print will speed up the wastage of the drum unit components.

actually, extend the life of the drum unit can be products of great value to play out, this is also a way to solve the cost, although the drum unit equipment update faster, but in normal circumstances, a drum unit 3 - may be used 5 years or so.
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