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Difference between ink cartridges, drums and drums

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09
1, drums
drum unit, also known as the photosensitive drum, generally by the aluminum base material, as well as the substrate coated with light-sensitive materials. unit not only determines the print quality is good or bad, but also determines the users in the use process need to spend how many money. In laser selenium drum, more than 70% of the imaging component concentration in the drum unit, print quality is good or bad, in fact, is largely determined by the drum unit.

2, drums
modern drums mainly refers to is used to store the printing ink, inkjet cartridge again and eventually finished printing parts. Old refers to people with the four gear ink.
the origin of drum unit according to the qing dynasty scholar Zhao Zhichen inference and the author of 'bamboo homemade drum unit, should be in qianlong dynasty, about 200 years, according to this. In the later 100 years, selenium toner cartridge quickly became one of the four extremely rich artistic grade's desk, the drum unit with the scholars involved in copper production has a direct relationship.

3, 'ink cartridges,'

the correct term is carbon powder compact. Carbon powder is solid powder material. Carbon powder compact is provide for the use of multifunctional copier and laser copy drum unit product, and the drum unit is to provide the inkjet drum drum unit wholesale products. unit is to provide laser drums used copy toner cartridge unit products.
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