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吗? D printers must pay attention to a few things

by:Colorunion     2020-09-02

is accepted by people gradually with 3 d printing, 3 d printer market also gradually is opened. 3 d printers are ling lang see everywhere on the market, how to choose the good and inexpensive high-quality 3 d printer? Now let's sum up, buy 3 d printers need to be aware of a few things.
one, must first understand the 3 d printer to print size, width of high-energy print maximum range, choose a to meet the requirements of their print printer. If the print size is too small to print accuracy will be affected and for larger model needs to be cut print respectively, and then stick together, very trouble, also effect the beauty of the model.
2, understand the 3 d printer can print 3 d printing material, some special 3 d printing materials need specific 3 d printers. So be sure to choose the right material you want to print this printer can print, so as not to buy to return can't use.
3, to determine the 3 d printer printing speed, print, thickness and location accuracy. The three parameters are related to each other, and influence each other. The printing speed faster, the less, with a thick layer of the more fine printing precision. Printing speed is slow, layer thickness increases, the corresponding model will become coarse. So you need to find a balance between the three.
4, to understand 3 d printers to the requirement of design software, 3 d printing opportunities in different company have different operating software. According to your familiar with 3 d modeling software to pick out the printer.
5 wire diameter, 3 d printing materials, the use of the general 3 d printing material diameter of 1. 75 mm, but this can be adjusted, can replace the feed pipe diameter change.
6, know the diameter of the 3 d printer nozzle, the diameter of the general 3 d printer nozzle was 0. 4 mm and 0. 8mm。 The diameter of the nozzle, the greater the printing speed faster, but the printing precision is not high. If you want to more fine 3 d print model, will need to use the small diameter of nozzle.
believe that according to the summary of the above information, you can understand to buy 3 d printers need to be aware of matters, which can also be the overall understanding of 3 d printers.
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