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Curing light 3 d printer drum unit used in UV ultraviolet light source

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
In straight to fire workers, due to containing materials from nozzle jet to the substrate, ink is still in the fluid state, the flow of ink on the substrate must be flat, eventually forming precision, so this article selected can contain material analogues, by the commonly used can contain material binder epoxy resin as the main body, complementary with monomer and organic solvent dispensing analogues can contain material viscosity to fit in the nozzle jet, and add light initiator ink can rapidly solidified under ultraviolet light, reduce the ink in the
upper flat phenomenon affect printing precision. With uv curing ink as matrix, finally in mixture for 3 dp can contain material rapid prototyping can contain material printing ink. No infrared light, so the surface of the product by illuminate no temperature rise, had no heating effect on forming parts. And compared with the traditional uv mercury lamp, has the energy concentrated, uv light intensity is high, long service life.
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