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Copier exposure breakdown maintenance skills

by:Colorunion     2020-09-17
According to some experienced maintenance engineer, copy quality problems are light route system a lot of failure, though the light path system looks very simple, but sometimes deal with the problem there is no way, also is very difficult, to find methods and techniques is the key to deal with this kind of problem, the following toner cartridge manufacturers drums manufacturers to organize some of fault cases, hope to be of help. 1, print all black reasons: exposure lamp is not bright, Circuit interruption, sensitive switch, filament broken, power supply circuit, etc. ) 。 Processing: to find the problems and the cause analysis and make appropriate replacement. 2, copy image sharpness drops, bottom ash big reason: the light path system is dirty, Light loss, cannot make the original Ming in charge neutralization) , the dust particles on the reflector caused a diffuse light, produce imaging resolution, like lower accuracy. Processing: clean the optical system. In the brush, blowing balloons, deerskin ( Or lens paper) , detergents, etc. , after the first blow, brush, brush again. 3, reprint article appears on the vertical bottom ash Fuzzy boundaries) Reason: optical parts local pollution exposure lamp filament or aging, or light there are obstructions. Processing: lamp back. If it still fails to change bulb. For shelter, the need to wipe, clean. If pollutants before the lens optical path, encounter amplification photocopy of pollutants has been amplified; If dirt road after lens, the enlarged are seen on the photocopy of the not be magnified. ( 1) Carry toner carrier that comes with the hand, if the hand is not very dark, with shows carrier body toner. ( 2) Carry a little amount of toner carrier pour down, observe whether there is a toner drop down, Float in the sky) , if the loss of ability to explain carrier adsorption toner, carrier aging. In order to ensure the quality of print and the normal transfer process, we should pay attention to the following matters: ( 1) Should transfer of electrode wire electrode tension, otherwise affect the charging effect, caused by uneven shades after transfer printing image. ( 2) After transfer printing electrode used for a period of time, should be clean and remove the oxide layer on the surface of the pollution and toner. ( 3) Copy paper should level off, otherwise and photoconductive layer surface abutting bearing fault is not closely. ( 4) In wet weather, due to the volume of the copy paper low voltage electrode resistance reducing and seal up the halo and transfer voltage shall be reduced.
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