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Continuous ink system disconnection fault solution

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
Continuous ink system bolt failure, what are the concrete solution, by what step to solve.

the above phenomenon is due to the drum unit fault caused by bubbles in the ink. Continue even for the ink system in use after six months, from a few tiny air bubbles in the ink from the print heads and into the print drum unit in the accumulation of a small amount of air bubble, bubble will gradually will ink. Maintenance method is not complicated, spare change these bubbles with normal ink can.

the mistake will lower the outer drum unit will also speed up the ink cavity formation of bubbles, even with the EPSON original drum unit continuous ink system, also the above failure happens.

to eliminate this kind of failure, please click the following steps:

1, the continuous removed from the drum unit, ink system is dismantled, the print cartridge again don't upside down, should be placed with the outer drum unit the same horizontal plane. If you use the sealing plug, when at the beginning of installation, please insert the seal plug to the bottom of the drum unit of each ink inside the mouth. Late for EPSON models with a memory chip on production of selenium drum, because the ink outlet is equipped with valves, so do not need to seal plug. On the drum unit to install a new or are using EPSON original drum, the drum unit must be not open holes, not note did not damage the original drum unit, ink, tags original EPSON drums during testing can ensure the correct test result, this step is necessary.

2, printing ink after the car place, drum unit executes natural cleaning time, please perform the nozzle check print test line. Can again repeat cleaning and print test line 3 times, until the test line is completely normal. Then print four or six color colored pieces of test pattern ( Depending on your version, print setup in 360 dpi/plain paper) , patch test pattern must be printed 3 ~ 5 in a row, at the same time observe drum unit work is normal. If you have any abnormal print, can you repeat the steps. If you execute the 9 ~ 12 times after cleaning, drum unit is still not normal, can rest drum unit 12 hours to test again. Most of the selenium toner cartridge can be back to normal.

when selenium drum printing color piece test pattern stable normal, can determine your drum nozzle is intact. Once your drum is normal conclusion, can continue the following steps to maintain your continuous ink system.

if you still not print properly after using the above methods, please contact the EPSON maintenance center warranty or contact drums repair shop repair. Although not the continuous ink system failure, contact we can still get the corresponding help. Before confirm to deliver EPSON maintenance center repair, please put the continuous ink system components and labeling demolished, not mention to EPSON ink or use a third-party continuous ink system, only shows that you are using EPSON original drum and explains the fault phenomenon.

3, when your drum unit work, the following steps to make your continuous ink system back to normal.

to 50 ml of disposable syringe tube ( Remove the needle) Tube inserted with continuous ink system out of print at the bottom of the drum unit, ink mouths slightly tilted syringe tube, slowly began to smoke from the selenium drum ink, the ink should be through transport ink line from the outer drum suction to the print drum unit, and then has been a steady stream of inhaled into the syringe tube. Watch out when syringe pipe smoke filled with ink and bubble how many will know what is the cause of poor continuous ink system to print. Drums is not going to put the foamy ink printed properly, you must put them is drawn out through a syringe.

uncovered the outer drum rubber plug, the ink in the syringe injection back into the outer toner cartridge unit. This process will not be a waste of ink, foamy ink can be in two hours after the ink into a liquid.

with syringe repeat pumping ink process until almost can't see the bubble in the out of ink. This need to cycle around 100 ml of ink can be guaranteed. Is the need to repeat process pumping ink twice.

note: pumping ink process slowly, can pause, not too fast.

in accordance with the yellow to pale magenta - magenta - pale blue to blue, black order the above process, pumping ink color change operation, must use warm water to clean syringes. If your drum unit using a sealing plug in to a color cavity operation, other color ink outlet with a sealing plug.

4, put the drum unit along with the continuous ink system back on the drum, according to the above step 2 testing debugging until the normal operation order.
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