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Congratulations on drums manufacturers electronic company website new version online success!

by:Colorunion     2020-09-10
Selenium drum manufacturers electronics co. , LTD. Website ( http://www。 southyusen。 com/) Lasted more than a month, finally in 2014 on October 11, successful redesign completed online, of the family in order to better serve the new and old customers, the revision after the domain name to continue the current official domain name http://www. southyusen。 com/。 Revamped website, the whole layout and relaxed and concise. Has done a lot of beautiful design humanized processing, in addition to the many advertising text and complicated images against reading experience, all thought that users provide good visual experience for the purpose. The company's main products: with laser selenium drum drum unit ( Black, the color drum drum) , laser fax machine drums, drum core, toner, toner cartridge unit, ink, ribbon is complementary. Main products compatible for HP, Canon, epson, lenovo, samsung, brother, xerox, panasonic, kyocera and other dozens of brands of drums. Later, thank you for your attention and support on drums manufacturers electronic!
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