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Common usage drum error

by:Colorunion     2020-09-17
Infinite time to add a lot of people think, ink cartridge again just a ink containers, as long as the drum surface not burst, can continue to add ink, in fact, this is a big mistake. Because the sponge in the drum, there is a life in use after a period of time, sponge ink absorption capacity will reduce, then we fill in selenium drum ink cannot be completely absorbed by the sponge, the inside of the selenium drum ink will be pressure on nozzle part larger, eventually lead to the ink from the nozzle flow. More serious will cause the drum unit unable to monitor this part out of the waste ink pad ink, the amount of actual waste ink the waste ink pad than drums to detect waste drum, the drum unit is not a waste ink capacity of alarm in time, waste ink overflow occurs, causes the damage of drum unit. Second, drums and mouth into the ink is rely on a rubber sealing ring to guarantee the sealing of the drums with nozzle ink will not leaking. If we use for a long time, or repeatedly disassembling drums are likely to make the seal ring aging, leading to the sealing effect, cause the ink color mixture. In addition, in many times after filling ink, there are some impurities or dust into the inside the drum unit. The dust in the ink flow will be taken to and adsorption on the drum filter, with the increase of dust, selenium drum filter will be blocked, causing the ink flow not free, when printing to break. Therefore, drum unit in charge more than 5 times or use more than one year, is considering changing the drum unit. Super capacitors with waste ink program reset can be a lot of friends think that the waste ink after super capacitors only need through the drum unit maintenance program, the drum unit waste ink counter reset. Actually maintenance program reset just waste from the toner cartridge unit of waste ink ink counter reset, the drum unit of each boot self-checking, nozzle cleaning waste produced by the ink will still exist. When these waste ink flow drum unit power panel or control plate, can cause short circuit circuit board, so as to damage the drum unit. Even the waste to the ink spilled, when waste ink excessive waste ink pad evaporate off steam will damages to the drum unit circuit board, action mechanism and even the shower nozzle. Use sex chip drum unit not to wash nozzle with the popularity of continuous ink system, many friends will using the drum unit chip. The sex chip has two functions: one is without decoding, as long as the drum unit shutdown, chip counter will be reset, in the drum unit that selenium toner cartridge ink is full. Second, without cleaning nozzle, that is to say, when the power is when we open the drum unit does not perform nozzle cleaning action, can save the ink. One thousand this daily perform a smaller part of the user, if the drum unit long-term need not, within the nozzle must be due to water evaporation and the ink viscosity increase or clogging up dry, can only rely on drums on startup automatic cleaning nozzle to solve the problem. And after adding chips, selenium drum boot will not cleaning nozzle, only users in the print and found abnormal clean the nozzle, such not only can save ink, also can cause more waste of paper and ink. However, for daily perform a big user, because every day need a lot of print, so that the ink has not been brought out new ink will be dry, not easy to appear jams phenomenon. But there are quite a few users, continuous ink system in use after a period of time, will see a drop in print quality. Someone always think this is because the nozzle is usually caused by poor aging or ink, but once to use even for a supply system of the toner cartridge nozzle cleaning, found that there are a lot of though to nozzle ink, but the jet ink has obvious differentiation phenomenon, in after cleaning the shower nozzle, print quality rise. The cause of part of nozzle clogging and usability chip, boot cleaning nozzle is not have a certain relationship. When drums in the boot is not automatic cleaning nozzle, user is difficult to find nozzle clogging, these impurities adhesion on the nozzle for a long time will be not easy to clean. Until we found that the print effect, to go to shower when cleaning, it may not be able to take out these impurities. As a result, small make up recommend choosing sex chip, good don't choose from nozzle cleaning chips.
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