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Color print drum print pictures have off color

by:Colorunion     2020-09-10
Color print drum print pictures have off color? The encounter this problem, may wish to understand the color drum and scanners, and other products, their features will involve a color accuracy problem, and the problem often determines the quality of them generate the image, the performance of the product, the size of the error rate, and other important indicators. Color accuracy, refers to the color of the drum unit output or scanner input proximity with standard color. RGB mode as we know, in the monitor, scanner, drum unit, and other products, using the RGB and CMY, HSB this several commonly used color description and implementation method, thus achieve the purpose of precise output and input color. RGB is the use of red B R, G, green, blue three color combinations to different colors of light, monitors, projectors and other equipment the luminous principle and the principle of computer color data storage is based on the color description method is implemented on ( In the computer, each point in the image of the general need to use a 24-bit RGB color information is stored up, including an 8-bit red, 8 bits of green, an 8-bit blue) 。 CMYK mode and the CMY is refers to using cyan C, Y M red and yellow a combination of these three basic pigment color, people in order to strengthen its pigment absorption effect, often combined with K (black 黑) Paint, it will form the current epidemic CMYK mode, so the color drum is usually based on the 4 kinds of color drum unit ( Some portable selenium drum, due to the volume limitation, can also use the CMY three color; Color six or more color drum is by increasing the reddish green, such as color, to make printing color more natural transition, improve the effect of print) , it is also a print machine, print and daily use ink painting using a color description method. , therefore, by the light of the three primary colors and real reflection of the principle of different color, can make into the computer using the color of the implementation method, and the computer inside the color output to a kind of implementation method is not the same. In addition, the color is tonal, Hue) , saturation, 饱和) And brightness ( 亮度) Performance of color also plays a vital role, such as the depth of the each color, bright, gloss degree is decided by the HSB. Because the computer use RGB mode display page must use CMY model ( Or CMYK mode) Print, which requires the color from the RGB model to CMY model, and for responsible for output color color drum unit, in the color conversion work, the output of color with CMYK mode standard how close to the color, can analyze how the color accuracy. However, due to the limited by selenium drum ink drop size, quality, ink quantity control, the color printing and so on factors, using the drum unit is difficult to print out the standard color, so in fact each drum has certain degree of color deviation, drum unit, only the good performance of the deviation degrees don't let the human eye is found, but some of the poor quality of the selenium toner cartridge, and the use of poor quality of ink, its deviation will be more significant.
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