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Color laser selenium drum drum structure have?

by:Colorunion     2020-09-15
Color laser selenium drum drum structure is divided roughly into three structure: 1, four toner cartridge unit 2, 4 toner 3, waste powder storehouse are regularly changing accessories: ( According to the model is not the same as the service life are not the same as) 1, the fixing component 2, transfer printing with 3, rub paper components in addition to remind you, laser drums with toner, long time not to do, but not in wet or too dry place, or it will affect the print quality. Toner is divided into: laser selenium drum drum unit such as selenium drum ink cartridges toner and drum unit parts. 。 。 。 。 。 Inkjet drum drum unit such as selenium drum nozzle ink and drum unit medium. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 , fax machine drum unit such as drums. Selenium drum ink cartridges with carbon, etc. 。 。 , multi-function and copier drum unit such as selenium drum ink cartridges and other accessories, etc. The carrier of selenium drum, the drum unit ( Computer, drums, copier, etc. ) Itself cost is not high, belongs to a one-time investment, investment and then no longer need to invest, belong to the fixed assets in financial. But the carrier need selenium drum is a long-term investment, is also a daily input on every day, financially belong to office management costs. According to the kernel through the research data of science and technology, enterprise before outsourcing does not implement drum unit, office equipment, Digital and IT) Maintenance costs, drums of purchasing cost, human resource cost, will take up 37% of the cost of enterprise management 48%, after the enterprise to implement digital and IT outsourcing, its cost can be reduced 15% 30%, the cost of IT and drum unit of space is very big. Selenium drum drum unit cost is an important part in business daily spending, is like the family life need daily necessities sauce vinegar tea, although the small quantity price, can the wineries reckoning, will frighten jump.
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