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Clever drum unit of choose and buy wholesale and save 30% office expenses

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
With printing office equipment is blossoming, the product price is lower, both companies, family individual can easily have, perform a is also more and more, however, faced with a lot of printing needs, how clever printing office drum unit of choose and buy, which naturally become the demands of users. Today, manufacturers are drum unit wholesale small make up from the print quality is analyzed, want you to be able to find a high quality affordable drum unit of choose and buy solution, truly clever drum unit of choose and buy wholesale and save 30% office expenses. The drum unit wholesale medium type regardless of the user to adopt what kind of ink ( Dye ink or pigment ink) , print media on photos, documents, color saturation, color density, smooth color, brightness, surface texture and ink drying has a far-reaching influence. Users are using different types of media for graphic shelf life has a great influence, take we use plain paper and some special paper to compare, may differ on fast sex more than 20 years. The influence of the drum unit wholesale ink ink is divided into two kinds of dye ink or pigment ink, due to the molecular structure of these two kinds of ink in the base of chemical stability vary widely, and fast sex difference is very big also. For in the ink, due to the molecular structure is different, they show base group chemical stability are also different, so in the screening of ink, to see first fast fastness rating, for class, of course is the higher resistance to bask in, the better. In addition, can be added in the ink solvents, additives, etc. These additives, to enhance the fast stability of the ink. Selenium drum drum unit how to choose in recent years, domestic general office of the selenium drum ink industry has gradually mature, these manufacturers are mainly distributed in xiamen, zhuhai, shenzhen and other regions. General toner cartridge unit in addition to other basic features to the ink, ink notice it print fluency, stability, because if the quality is not pass and print for a long time, will cause damage to print head. What we call the ink fluency is the inside of the drum material compatibility matching sponge etc, it has to do with selenium drum structure. When the ink viscosity, surface tension and ink sponge ink absorption and release the associated, in print, high strength may exist ink viscosity is too large, smooth release ink causing sponge can't break phenomenon; Ink may also exist the release of sponge can't keep up with the ink printing requirements, appear in the middle of the bolt, the emergence of these problems are related to the correlation of ink, sponge. In addition, the current market presence of sponge drum unit, although it did not use a sponge to avoid the emergence of the problem, but I still need to adjust the ink viscosity and surface tension, helps to solve the fluency. Also, note that may also hinder the ink nozzle structure on the drum unit of fluency. Ink stability refers to the basement in the process of producing synthetic, because raw material is not pure or synthetic reaction and the generated intermediate, unsolvable but can filter out, for soluble tar material if without special methods to remove, in the process of long-term use of ink may produce electrochemical reaction, sediment, then it would be easy to accumulate in selenium toner cartridge screen or gathering in the ink storage chamber in the print head. Friends for using continuous ink system, are often faced with high intensity to print, if the ink stability is bad, after a long print is easy to break phenomenon will appear to print, then we might be solved by cleaning procedures, but the accumulation of too much, we will only replace the drum unit, or to deal with the print head with special cleaning fluid. When we use drums for printing work for a long time, the print head can produce loss, which on the one hand from the ink of salt ( Conductivity) To analysis of the above mentioned dyes/pigments synthetic raw materials into the inorganic salt, in the process of synthesis reaction of inorganic salts, dyestuff precipitation inorganic salt is added through desalination processing, in addition, adding solvent, additives in ink also to control the purity, control harmful metal ions and organic impurities content. The electrical conductivity of ink if too high, containing inorganic salt is too much, if combined with inorganic salt content of chlorine ion is too high, so the potential of the print head is corrosive. Produce electrochemical reaction, which leads to the ink system could make the dye crystal precipitation, accumulated on the filter screen or print head store in ink cavity, resulting in printed wire break or plug nozzle. Analysis of drum unit of choose and buy wholesale points with the above several aspects, when we get to office drum drum store or wholesale market, how to buy wholesale drum unit basically have a psychological preparation, and better clever drum unit of choose and buy wholesale, there is a high quality affordable drum unit of choose and buy experience, the clever drum unit of choose and buy wholesale if you still have to save 30% office expenses is not understand place, also can seek advice drums manufacturers office drum drum website WWW. southyusen。 Com, will wait patiently for your answer.
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