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Carbon powder composition and function of the machine

by:Colorunion     2020-09-10
The stand or fall of copy, mainly by copy machine performance, the sensitivity of photosensitive toner cartridge, and the physical properties of the carrier and is determined by the quality of this a few aspects of the copier toner, here we mainly introduces the composition and function of copier toner.
is a major component of the copier toner
low resin: main imaging material, constitute the main body of carbon powder components:
low carbon black: main imaging material, have the ability to adjust the color depth, namely can usually say black degrees;
low magnetic iron oxide: under the magnetic attraction of the magnetic roller, portable powdered carbon adsorption on the magnetic roller;
low charge control: control of carbon powder charge, make carbon powder evenly charged;
low lubricant ( Silicon) Friction, lubrication, and at the same time control charge;
low hot melt plastics ( Plasticizer) : to control the carbon powder melting point, carrying carbon powder in molten state infiltration of paper fibers, form a strong image in the end.
carbon powder on the quality of the copy of
1. Carbon powder quality is bad, in the wet and big temperature change environment, the use of storage time is a bit long, will produce agglomerate phenomenon, in use process can produce damage to developing warehouse parts, thus affect the imaging quality, even will shorten the service life of developing warehouse.
2。 Copier on the fixing roller to melt carbon powder, and then through the pressure of upper and lower axis, the powdered carbon fixation on the paper, different copier, fuser roller heating temperature will have a deviation, wide melting point of carbon powder, upper fuser roller with good performance with different photocopiers, on different copier has good print quality.
3。 Carbon powder melting point range is relatively narrow, print quality is not stable, when the carbon powder melting point higher than the upper fuser roller heating temperature, carbon powder melting is not complete, can't completely infiltration of paper fibers, causing the image fixing fragile; And when the carbon powder melting point is lower than the upper fuser roller heating temperature, excessive softening toner, stick on the upper fuser roller, fuser roller, pollution easily smearing printing paper. The composition of ribbon is very simple, is woven with nylon yarn as raw materials with the base after soaking in the ink, dyeing. Good ribbon with foundation should be durable, stretch big, print not fluff, continuous line for a long time, not after leaf edge. Its performance is mainly base surface level off, without protruding fibers knot, warp/weft density group evenly, cutting edge straight and evenly, no anxious burnt phenomenon. By hand touch: good with soft and delicate, there is a feeling of smooth. La has good elasticity, good resilience. Ribbon of bad break line reel off raw silk from cocoons, touch feel stiff, when cutting edge uneven, with anxious burnt badly, pull the small elasticity and resilience, printing often entrainment, easily ruffled, produce the phenomenon such as block needles, tapes.
in addition to the base, ink is an important factor ribbon is good or bad. Good ink particles is very small, not cause jams pinhole, liquidity is very good, the PH is very uniform, paint ink strong ablility, moisturizing effect is good, durable and print out the color transition is slow. Good ink organic non-toxic not corrosion, no peculiar smell, not sticky, after dyed with easy to dry. Bad ink particles is large, thick, sticky after dyed with dried, the lace produced between the sticks badly, when the printing easy blocking pinhole, make flexible needles can not extend, thus will interrupt the needle. Its judgment method, USES the high quality printing ink ribbon with the hand to touch, your fingers will not left obvious ink mark. The difference between before and after the printing effect is not obvious. And inferior ink, if use hand to touch feeling is greasy, finger's ink traces, seemingly ink is sufficient, but at the time of printing color will appear the phenomenon of heavy, that is typed touch will be fuzzy. Inferior ink not only will cause the printing effect is very poor, and it can also be along the guide hole into the print head print needle sewing and curing, block printing needles, to the normal toner cartridge unit cannot for printing, serious when still can cause the print head out of the needle resistance increases, print, print and broken needle parallel groove crushed, the print head drive chip or ribbon motor burn the serious fault.
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