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Canon printing company to develop the African market

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
Canon printing company to develop the African market, to show its determination, the development of the African market at the same time to the African consumers show their product and service value, Canon took part in the recently held in Morocco Siagra Africa 2015 exhibition. In addition, the Canon printing roll out business solutions, and strengthen its influence in the African market. Although the developed economy falters and even showed signs of recession this year, Canon toner cartridge unit wholesale company think African economic growth remain the same. The region's emerging economic entities are expected to seize the opportunity to cooperation with large companies play a competitive advantage. The Canon company in the Middle East market director Hendrik Verbrugghe said: 'Africa is a Canon a market value. The platform with SIAGRA event, we can further contact with customers and partners, not only can show exhibitors audience Canon r&d department research and development of new solutions. Canon's goal is to be in Africa, and even the comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production of printing field. We will put all the necessary resources, make a growing number of African customers can make full use of Canon innovations in terms of hardware and software and professional services. ”
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