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Canon model BX/BX Ⅱ common failures and troubleshooting methods

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
In the eyes of consumers, the Canon BX/BX Ⅱ is a fairly good models. Mainly because it has the advantages: first, the homepage waiting time is short, fast printing ( Can be up to 16 parts per million (PPM) , high resolution, 600 dpi) , simple operation, stable performance. But the machine use will inevitably be longer some failures. The following op toner cartridge unit will introduce some common faults and ruled out. : 1, the printing paper card first observation location and take place in three locations: feed mouth mouth, heating component, the paper. 1) The position paper paper inlet. Make sure rub paper components can work normally, rub, rub the paper round paper to replace if necessary. To determine the feed sensor has been reset, clean feed sensor, when it is necessary to replace related sensors. 2) Heating component location card. Make sure take on paper separation claw, roller, the roller can work normally, cleaning related parts, to replace if necessary. Whether the deformation observation guide paper, cleaning, replace the paper guide way when necessary. Rule out the above reasons, replace the toner cartridge unit drive motor. 3) The paper KouKa position paper. Observe whether paper rod rolling paper, cleaning, replacement of the paper when necessary. Clean out the paper sensors, sensor need to replace the paper. 2, print proof is not normal: print proof weak ( High pressure plate black degree control knob has been transferred to a big file) , deformation, a flyback lines, all black or all white. In ensuring that selenium drum under the condition of normal, clean the laser lens groups, such as can not solve the above phenomenon, and then gradually replace the following parts: laser components, high pressure plate, the mainboard. 3, drums have a paper with carbon powder, the paper out of carbon powder. 1) A paper is still short of paper. Cleaning cartons micro contact sensor, the sensor test paper, when it is necessary to replace, and even the whole high pressure plate; 2) Carbon particles are still lack of carbon powder. If add the powder powder storehouse too much; Washing powder measurement sensor, if necessary, replace, or even the whole high pressure plate. 4 times, no paper card: to test whether into the paper, the paper sensor reset, when reset is submitted to the paperboard, cleaning related sensors, to replace if necessary.
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