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British power drum recycling ink suppliers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-13
Has located in Lancashire ink supplier QPS company said will continue to be provided free of charge for the British market customers drum recycling project, up to now the company has now been recycled drum unit nearly 3. 5 tons. In 2011, QPS Nazdar reached a cooperation agreement with the ink manufacturer launched drum recycling project, to promote recycle and drum unit. Then, fully implementing the plastic limit, to charge of plastic bags, supermarket plastic bags each 5 p ( Is equivalent to about 5 cents) 。 Affected by the recycling project and therefore produced a fee. According to understand, although due to the plastic limit to produce all relevant expenses paid by the QPS, still choose to continue operating the project, the company in order to further promote the concept of environmental protection and recycling. According to foreign media reports, the recycling project is a 'user docking recyclers ( 结束- - - - 结束) 'Model, can reduce the old drum pressure on landfills. All customer order regularly Nazdar drum unit are eligible to participate in the recycling project. QPS director Chris Bailey said: 'our drum recycling programs have been carried out for five years. We are currently a supplier to provide the service for the customer. More and more consumers expect toner cartridge unit supplier can provide them with some environmental related services, we provide recycling services and is free of charge. In addition, each customer involved in the project will be given for documents. This document is helpful to the application for certificate of ISO 14001. ”
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