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before recycling : a simi valley company is a pioneer in ‘remanufacturing’ by retooling laser printer cartridges.

by:Colorunion     2020-10-14
Today\'s column is about a kind of recycling that happened before recycling.
It is called \"remanufacture \".
\"We all know what a modified carburetor is, right?
Or a rebuilt car engine.
At this point, someone took the core of something, checked if it had worn or damaged parts, replaced them with new parts or working parts elsewhere, and created a reconstructed one
Many people make a living on this.
It goes on even at & t;
When they give you the option of a new or re-made rental call.
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
Have a range of re-manufactured tools such as Mower, drill and saw-
Discount within warranty.
The world\'s largest re-manufacturer is the Defense Department, which is doing everything from rifles to radar to tanks and warships.
The consequences of advertising-
The concept of recycling is amazing.
\"We need another name,\" said Ralph Ramires of Able Ribbon Technology at Simi Valley . \".
\"Everyone is thinking about soda bottles and cans and recycling them at home.
But elsewhere, like at work, they don\'t have the same attitude.
\"He was referring to the tendency that we had to throw away $100 of laser printer cartridges and the like, rather than send them to be re-manufactured.
You may have guessed that this is his business.
You and I are \"producers\" in his opinion\"-
Part of his business.
He hopes that we will not put 33,000 of the garbage in the U. S. landfill every day.
Ventura County is a hotbed of some kind of activity in remanufacture.
In addition to the traditional car activities, we have a few more
Technology companies covering the country.
Ads near Simi Valley are the imaging supplies department for data products from laser printer ink cartridge manufacturers.
Their motto is: \"improve your image.
Protect the environment. Save Money.
\"The business sells remanufactured cartridges across the country and the Pacific Basin, and is part of a company called data products.
This makes 10 printers.
Because the company is actively promoting the use of remanufactured cartridges, they have--almost single-handedly--
Turn around to remanufacture the image of high qualitytech world.
No longer \"drill and fill.
Manager Bob Edwards said that the new product can be completely used to replace the original high
Ink cartridges for pricing.
Maybe this is similar to the aluminum tank.
Now 90% is recovered.
The use of cans means melting and re-stamping the original metal.
With the toner cartridge in the office, it means collecting, removing and putting it back together and filling the toner cartridge.
Data Product Technology claims that once the cassette tape exists,-
All the originals were made in Asia. -
It is introduced into our system and never needs to be thrown away.
In addition, in Ventura, a state-recognized market research company conducted research on the new industry.
Arthur Diamond of Diamond Research
State law is expected to ban the dumping of ink cartridges into local landfill sites.
This is already the case in Germany.
It may not make sense whether such a law is passed.
According to Diamond, 15% of the originals have been reused.
This percentage is rising rapidly.
The industry is so new that it has organized
Scale of national trade and Standards Organization (
International Ink Cartridge Recycling Association)only this year.
Ralph Ramires received orders from all over the country and overseas.
He stores data products and remanufactured cartridges from two other brands.
Another data product distributor at imaging supplies express Torrance is discussing the wholesale of re-manufactured tapes back to Japan.
Tom White said: \"This is a precision instrument that we can re-manufacture cheaper than they do.
\"It\'s reminiscent of the spectre of a possible trade war in which the products of our busy fingers were stopped at the Port of Yokohama as we were initially sending them by recycling them.
Now you know why I\'m excited about Ralph Ramires\'s idea of designing for consumers.
We are all producers in this new field of remanufacture.
Our products are almost complete. American.
* FYI * let me quote the leaflet issued by Ramires nationwide: \"Call your competent landfill rescue representative to make money while cleaning up the landfill.
Send us your empty laser printer cartridge and receive at least $5. USA (800)548-3062 or Calif. (805)522-2105.
* Re-manufactured power tools, mower, etc.
At Sears store in Simi Valley, you can enjoy a discount of up to 60% (531-1214)and Ventura (643-8661).
Telephone consultation for details* AT&T;
Rental of remanufactured telephone equipment. Call (818)888-9586.
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