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by:Colorunion     2020-09-13
The report, released in 2006, Goldman sachs, an investment bank predicted that the economy will be more than 2050 west. But the Cartridge World executive Steve Weedon says it has become the economy in 2016, it is a developing ever done it. In 2016, Zhuhai) International drum unit wholesale industry summit, Steve Weedon mentioned has set up a throughout the developed transportation systems across the country, including complete high-speed rail network. Manufacturing is the foundation of manufacturing industry cluster, currently 65% of the parts are using their own raw material production, greatly reduce the need to import spare parts. He also pointed out in zhuhai alone has 680 drum unit wholesale manufacturers, exports have more than 76 of these enterprises. 500 million dollars ( About 518. 400 million yuan) 。 These manufacturers supply products accounted for 68 inkjet printing market. 40 4%, carbon powder market. 78 1% and drum unit ribbon market. 6%. He added that in patent application of drum unit wholesale has submitted the application to the past completely ignore into an application for a patent for the toner cartridge unit wholesale superpower. He called on drums merchants remove colored glasses and do business cooperation with the drum unit wholesale enterprise, in order to avoid future by enterprise behind.
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