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Authority government printing industry purchasing new law in 2013

by:Colorunion     2020-09-04
On January 16, the central state organs of government procurement center, Hereinafter referred to as & quot; The mining center & quot; ) 'About 2013 central and state organs of fixed-point printing work related matters notice, made clear in 2013, the central state organs designated printing range, the validity of fixed-point printing, fixed-point printing organization forms and procedures.

in accordance with the relevant regulations of the central state organs government centralized purchasing, central government departments and the administrative institutions at all levels in Beijing ( Hereinafter referred to as & quot; Each unit & quot; ) Single or batch amount under 20000 yuan of above 1. 2 million printing project, must go to the central state organs designated printing enterprise printing.

printing fixed-point purchasing project units for the printing and use of all printed materials, including but not limited to newspapers, periodicals, books, maps, New Year pictures, pictures, calendars, brochures, envelopes, documents, data, charts, tickets, certificates, business CARDS, trademarks, advertising materials, as product packaging decoration prints, etc.

print characteristics according to the central unit, the fixed-point printing for enterprises are classified into paper certificate, books and other, digital printing, envelope 4 classes. All designated printing enterprise list published on the central government procurement network fixed-point printing column, each unit shall according to the type of procurement of printed type selection by corresponding printing enterprises.

this period designated printing enterprise service validity is January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013. During the validity period of service, fixed-point printing companies will, in accordance with the & quot; In 2013 the central state organs designated printing service contract & quot; Request for each unit to provide printing services. This fixed-point printing before update, each unit and the previous fixed-point printing companies signed the contract has been completed, can continue to perform, but should be the contract signed by both parties in the center of the country, mining before February 28, 2013 for the record.

fixed-point printing project according to the print category and value take different forms, specific procurement process is as follows:

each single unit or batch printing amount ( Hereinafter referred to as & quot; Printing amount & quot; ) 20000 yuan of the following ( Contain 20000 yuan) Fixed-point or not, you can choose directly to the designated printing enterprise printing; Printing the amount of 20000 ~ 200000 yuan ( Contain 200000 yuan) , procurement unit can directly choose in the designated printing enterprise.

printing amount (200000 ~ 1. 2 million yuan Contain 1. 2 million yuan) , must be in the designated printing enterprise procurement unit to select three or more ( Including three) For sealing quotation ( At least one enterprise must, by the central government procurement network randomly generated in a designated enterprise) , in addition to random fixed point enterprise, the selection of other designated enterprise to determine by the units themselves. In meet the demand of purchasing units, the condition of the same quality and service, in principle, should choose the lowest printing enterprise, otherwise shall specify reasons.

single or batch printing amount total more than 1. 2 million yuan ( Including but not limited to, journal, assembly parts batch execution printing projects, the total annual purchase amount shall prevail) , each unit shall entrust countries adopt public bidding to determine printing center organization.

for the envelope printing, each unit can be directly selected in the envelope class for printing enterprise printing, according to the number of envelopes price gradient table is carried out. Other types of civil envelope after can compare quality and price preferential selected; Confidential special envelopes and other special, execute the relevant provisions of the state.
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