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Apple pattern of xi 'an Makerbot 3 d printing museum experience store

by:Colorunion     2020-09-05
Recent online is very keen to 3 d print studio, xi 'an's first 3 d studio use drums is a Makerbot 3 d printers. Luckily, fabbaloo get news this time, they visited the MakerBot store, let's take a look at what they saw.

Makerbot3D printer drum unit experience store
the store in lower Manhattan. The store to decorate concise, the style is a bit like the design of the apple store, at the same time have their own taste. Obviously, MakerBot spent a lot of price please stylist designed the display every corner of the store.

Makerbot3D printer drum unit experience store
the store MakerBot Replicator 2 only one product, as well as some plastic tubing. MakerBot will print out the finished product is filled with the whole store, also sell the finished product. Those new customers can also understand printing effect quality, before they buy Replicator2.
the thinking of MakerBot and apple are very similar, they all know that if you don't open retail stores, customers don't know how good products, this is the best way to need to show to the customer. This is a lot of problems now 3 d printer cartridge again, people don't know them. This is why a MakerBot opened a retail store in the first place.
they didn't see anyone buy Replicator2 during visit report, but have seen big package box. They also see a lot of people in the patience to wait for the use of 3 d printing photo studio, with 3 d scanning, and then print it out.
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