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Add to clean up the toner low selenium drum toner remaining toner

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
Drums toner, needless to say, we all know, it is the necessities in the drum, toner, toner cartridge unit cannot be used. So add the selenium drum toner is a necessary to know the process of adding to clean up the toner low residual toner.

many drums add toner replacement does not actually will laser selenium in selenium drum carbon powder completely exhausted, the waste powder compact or carbon tend to leave some toner cartridges, if not be cleared, we add carbon powder and the carbon powder could be formed due to incompatible block solid, so we must be the original first before adding carbon powder drum clean up the carbon in the powder. When cleaning, pour clean first spent cartridges cartridges and carbon carbon powder, then gently remove residues with brush in carbon on the edge of the toner cartridges. Brush clean the place we can use the tiger skin or hair dryer clean waste toner. Clean up the powder of carbon in the carbon powder compact, we need to use brush to carbon powder compact carbon powder around clean. Clean up the carbon powder compact and waste after waste toner cartridges, below we have for the waste toner on the charging roller, magnetic roller to clean up, let's to clean up the charging roller as an example, the introduction of cleaning method. See clear when charging roller, charging roller fixed screw ( In both sides of the charging roller head) Under the screwdriver, screws. From the drum unit carefully remove the charging roller. General charging roller at both ends with plastic gears, we need to remove the charge before wiping at the ends of the roller gear.
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