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Add ink device drum continuous ink system

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09
In the past two years the market has emerged a new add ink device, but even for the ink system. So-called continuous ink system is actually a easy to filling ink external compatible with selenium drum, the drum unit chip, mouth filling ink. With this continuous ink system, drum unit as long as a set of drums, after if want to add ink simply unscrewed the bottles directly into the corresponding color.

because of its low price, even for the system in the market have a certain customer base. The system first appeared at the end of 2002, after the development of 2003, in 2004. General home users because of ink consumption per month is not a great, usually do not use the system. Some output for-profit business users, such as printing companies, advertising companies, because each month perform a large, as small and medium-sized enterprises and special hope to control the cost, so they will have a special liking to the supply system. Generally speaking, the scale of the enterprise can be in a few people to about 20 people. Companies typically use LiangSanTai selenium drum, ink consumption per month for about seven or eight sets. Use even for the ink system, will help them save a lot of buy drum unit cost per month.

even for the ink system can save a lot of buy drum unit costs, no doubt, but not for trouble has been using web BBS people keen on the topic, that how to cleaning nozzle, and prevent the plug post became the essence of exchange of experience. Together, the use of the user's response problem basically has the following several aspects. One is, print out the patterns of the partial color, color dark; A sample of 2 it is to print out the lack of color, have to shower nozzle for cleaning, washing the normal printing can finally after many times, but the ink in the bottle, also went down a lot. 3 it is sometimes big drops in printing, causing the manuscripts scrap, can only be printed again. Also, sometimes when I saw some ink leak under the machine, and even stained the table, clean up the drum unit and desk are very troublesome. On examination turned out to be waste ink pad reached saturation.

so even supply system compared with the original toner cartridge unit, what is the difference between why bring so much trouble? Consumers by bowing to low or close to the print quality?

in the first place, even for the ink system technology at present is not yet mature, the product quality is uneven, there are some small and medium-sized dealers under the interests in some of the less known and inferior brand products, these products are 3 without the product, no producer name and address on the packaging, etc. , thus the quality of ink cannot be guaranteed, and this is why users will feel even for the use of effect is not as good as the color of the ink to print out the original ink to print out.

second, as the external products, even for the ink system to change the structure of a drum, drum unit functions cannot be achieved all lead to failure, such as serious plug like now. Because the supply system is an external device, through the long pipeline ink, it is easy to have air into the bubble, the other not original authentic ink as production condition is not guaranteed, easily mixed with impurities, these are the cause of plug. The congestion will lead to smaller jet ink drops or jet ink have obvious bifurcation phenomenon, make the drops on the paper's coverage is not enough, at the same time can also lead to jet ink flying Angle, deviation orientation in the paper, such draft printout of let a person feel particle coarse. Serious congestion, the consequences caused by the lack of color. In addition, with the purpose of permanent chip is in order to save ink, and drum unit boot not cleaning nozzle, cause the plug hard again after cleaning, not only can save ink, also can cause more waste of paper and ink.

third, also make users the most headaches, even for the ink system is the waste ink pad easily. As we all know, if you don't use selenium drum, nozzle inside the ink must be due to water evaporation and viscosity increase or dry cause jams, therefore, when the phone is switched on selenium drum nozzle automatically clean. After use even for the external system, due to the long pipeline transport, when cleaning nozzle, greatly increased the waste of ink, the waste ink pad easily. Need a lot of ink cleaning after another plug nozzle, overwhelm the waste ink pad. In addition because even for system pressure imbalance will cause the ink from the print head to leak to the waste ink pad, is in this state for a long time the ink is piling up and leak out even flow into the table. If these waste ink flow drum unit power supply board or panel, will cause a short circuit of the circuit board, thus causes the damage of drum unit. Even waste to the ink spilled, when under the condition of selenium drum ink excessive waste, waste ink pad evaporate off steam will be damages to the toner cartridge unit circuit board, action mechanism and even the shower nozzle. On the contrary, use drum unit manufacturer original ink, boot washing consumed less ink, leak of waste ink pad full and cause problems won't occur. Even if one thousand waste ink pad saturation due to print a large amount for a long time, the machine will alarm prompt, timely users only need to replace pit waste ink pad can be solved.

through the above analysis, we see that even for the ink system saves drum unit costs in the short term, but in the long run, selenium drum is easy to damage caused by using non-genuine selenium drum drum unit when maintenance fault, can't get free maintenance. Working environment is also susceptible to pollution, the key problem is the print quality cannot be guaranteed, directly affect the performance and customer satisfaction. So, here we suggest don't pick up the low price of ink 'sesame' and discarded quality will bring you more clients this a 'big watermelon'.
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