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About the right way to install drums drum unit drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
Selenium drum drum unit how to pack? It is well known that laser selenium drum drum unit rated life is in commonly 6000 - 10000 or so, you find that there are serious of contributions for the output image pale, black stripes, a maintenance repair even if you are to no avail, this means that the drum unit life truly comes to an end, and it needs to be replaced. Replace the drum unit is not difficult, also said that difficult say easily but can't careless, there are still a little knowledge, here are separated for the drum powder drum unit as an example, a simple introduction. First of all, close the drum unit power to take out the drum unit, and then the metal pin on one side of the clamp with forceps, carefully drawn outward ( Or directly open the pin nails, selenium drum out again after) , usually, we can find drum unit can be divided into two parts, the parts with magnetic roller is for powder, and photosensitive selenium is collect part of waste powder. First part for powder, first on one side of the roll magnetic gearless screw rotation, open the plastic cover, then put the carbon powder storehouse and within all carbon powder on the magnetic roller clean with a soft brush, etc. Then the magnetic roller to pack good, hard as well to prevent magnetic roller from in situ. Then can pack powdered carbon, the carbon powder for powder after shake slowly pour into the storehouse, fix the magnetic roller for parts, should be at the end of the rotating magnetic roller gear gently after several times, in favor of the carbon powder evenly attached. Take a look at collecting part, in this part we have to do is change the new photosensitive drum. With the same method to set a fixed pin out, remove the drum, then clean up the waste powder collecting part of the waste powder ( To be as clean as possible, lest affect the printing quality of new toner cartridge) To this, we can install the new photosensitive toner cartridge. When installation should pay attention to, the cent of photosensitive drum usually have around, after loaded gear docking at the end of the mount, with the fixed pin it on just dial the photosensitive drum. New photosensitive drum usually have an inky exposure seal, don't tear off before installation to prevent exposure, installed check rear can be torn off. For powder, and collecting part are respectively fixed, as long as the two parts according to the open after recovery of installation, fixed card pin plug, the change of work is completed. In the process of replacement, if there are any toner on drums outside, use a vacuum cleaner gettering, swab with pure alcohol again. Moreover, the whole process of change to darker studio, to prevent the drum exposure. For the one-piece drum unit replacement, is very simple, as long as the whole drum unit with complete set of replacement is ok, saved a lot of trouble, but remember good shake the toner before loading. In addition the author also remind everybody is, usually drum unit is valid for two and a half years when not opened, but once opened the period of validity is 6 months, the user should pay attention to use in the period of validity, to ensure the quality of printing. Note: in the maintenance and replacement of drum unit at the same time, some places are also need to once again remind note: 1. Clean drum unit need not too frequent, prohibited in the process of cleaning swab with ordinary paper. 2. In the process of the maintenance and replacement, it is strictly prohibited to use hand to touch the surface of the photosensitive drum, but also prevent the hard object collisions. 3. Try not to let the drum unit is exposed to sunlight or strong light source directly, don't open the barn door on the drum unit, if the time more than ten minutes of continuous exposure to strong light, high photosensitive drum is discarded. 4. Avoid the high humidity, high temperature, cold environment, use and preservation of toner low carbon powder once will be affected with damp be affected with damp agglomerate, affect print effect or cause print color shallow, also in the toner cartridge unit from low to high temperature environment to work, good is put on hold for a period of time ( More than an hour) To use again. 5. Don't turn the Opc drum core by hand without authorization, the Opc drum core it is important to note that the rotation direction, if the direction of rotation is wrong, when will the damage parts printed powder leakage or print smear. 6. Drums with an imaging device, which is the cover of magnetic roller particles, so make sure your drum unit away from the magnetic material such as displays, hard disk, speakers, avoid the phenomenon of magnetization, thus affecting printing quality.
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