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by:Colorunion     2020-09-05
How can you get the best output effect in print? This is the most care about the spray friends, let's introduce about the issues of the printer output Settings and make everyone can understand how to get the best output effect in the output.
we use kodak original glossy photo paper in epson A50 printer output ( A50 is epson six color photo printer) 。
in the first place, in order to get the best efficiency and output effect we must first understand what's you use media output, absorbency is different because the print media are also different, so the printout of inkjet printer in different media at the amount of how much is different. So the first thing we want to make sure we want to output medium is a kind of, such as: plain paper, glossy paper super glossy paper, high quality, high quality inferior smooth paper, glossy paper, the rough surface paper, photo quality inkjet paper, miao miao stickers, CD disk, high quality CD.
of kodak glossy photo paper, we use the corresponding in paper option is ultra high quality glossy photo paper, we choose this one, Choosing this type of paper will make printer in the print slower speed and more inkjet printing amount) 。

after we identified the need to output medium classification to select the appropriate output quality, such as: economic, text, text and images, pictures, good quality, high quality photos RPM ( This option is only in a particular medium can choose) 。 Which in turn from high to low arrangement for speed, if the quality is from the lowest to the highest, fastest economic model output, but the effect is the worst, high quality photos RPM speed of the slowest, but the quality of the output is the best. Usually we want to get the output of the high speed or low ink consumption will choose economic or text, but if we pursue is the output quality is usually high-quality pictures or photos to the output.
only in output mode and print media with perfect circumstances can output the best effect. For example, we will use A50 printer in a kodak 230 g A4 highlights crystal paper output a high quality renderings, its setting should be below: print mode for high quality pictures for high quality glossy photo paper, paper type

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