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A major international printing giant drum market

by:Colorunion     2020-09-13
The third research organization estimates the size of the market of printing devices has been more than 50 billion yuan in 2015. Among them, the laser toner cartridge unit occupies printing equipment market about 80% market share. Fuji xerox estimated low-end printing devices ( A4) ( A4) The market size of 23 billion yuan. Market competition is concentrated and printing devices is given priority to with HP, Canon, epson, etc. Ranking brand occupies about 88% of the market, including HP to about 40% of the market share ranking, samsung and Fuji xerox respectively by 18% and 11% of the market in the second and third. Canon, brother, lenovo, ricoh and lexmark market share of 10%, 9 respectively. 2%, 6. 3%, 1. 5% and 0. 7%. According to financial reports, HP during the '11' by Tmall and jingdong electric business platform sold 13. 60000 desktop toner cartridge unit, Canon and epson followed by sold 5, respectively. 20000 and two. About 1 30000, Fuji xerox has sold. 30000 units. Relying on its advantage in the low-end market products, HP's position in the market for years, and. In terms of market products, such as A3 digital composite machine, such as Fuji xerox brand is more dominant. According to IDC, Fuji xerox has Japan, and other color drum unit more than half of the market share in Asia.
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