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A common problem analysis and solving 16 drums

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09

because most of the time are not to be out on the printer end take you trouble, but only the drums in a category, this paragraph of time has collected some about selenium drum printing problems, now adjusted to share, if you have any deficiencies still hope everybody give teaching. The following defects analysis only for selenium drum, some defects related to the machine, the omitted.

1, the seal to pull out, are generally poor assembly, seal fold screens or clamp the carbon powder.

2, leakage powder: besides poor seal seal leakage before printing powder, powder compact in multiple components or parts will cause leakage powder in use process, magnetic roller seal felt defect, the powder knife aging, magnetic roller blade deformation and paste not firm seal, seal defect or aging sponge, cleaning doctor blade deformation, paste the rickety can cause leakage powder, etc.

3, print out the whole white or light and fuzzy

a, seal not away

b, compact seal before shaking, the powder is not smooth.

c, laser is not according to the drum, powder compact mask does not open, a drum cover is not open.

d, bad earth drum, drum in conducting strip or cartridges are connected to the machine electrical contact point contact undesirable.

4, print all black is usually the problem of electricity

a, bad packing charge roller or assembled.

b, conductive charging roller bracket deformation or poor contact.

5, vertical black line: refers to the perpendicular line from top to the next why don't you need, may be thick or thin lines, continuous or intermittent. Thin light color on the vertical line is generally produced or drum cleaning blade gap with a circle cut. Coarse and intermittent black line and edge is not clear, is often sealing blade crease or powder knife aging.

6, the black version of the vertical lines on the white line, the depth of the photosensitive drum wear line, magnetic roller has caused the impurities or magnetic roller coating wear line.

7, horizontal error: refers to the printing on the transverse of intermittent printing not, reason:

a local exposure, drum coating;

b, drum drive gear defect, loose or tooth defect;

c, magnetic roller coating defects;

d, core breaking or location error;

e, magnetic roll sheath serious wear or deformation;

f, magnetic roller conductive spring poor contact or beating.

8, horizontal black line: is the problem of electricity commonly, periodic horizontal black line often is charging roller coating defect and a sense of pinhole on the drum coating and causes. Irregular level of fine black line often is united in wedlock is powder warehouse or waste powder warehouse does not reach the designated position.

9, periodic blur: often a drum or a charging roller coating pollution caused, watermark, mimeograph, finger print often caused the defect.

10, the grape bunches, is like a coin overlap appeared on the printing of a defect, no rules, and difficult to repeat, is a drum to poor grounding. ( 下一个)

11, scattering background: refers to the text or lines do not need around the small black dot, caused by magnetic roller coating or toner. Photosensitive drum overheating ( A high sensitivity) Also can cause the defect.

12, print background ( The tiger spot) : with black wavy appeared on the white board or take the form of white on the black version or half color format. Usually magnetic roller set of coating defects or due to the low density for a long time printing, magnetic powder binder on the magnetic roller set.

13, hollow words: refers to the stroke on the text or image lacks, reason:

a, carbon powder problem in itself.

b, drum powder with bad.

c, magnetic roller coating problem.

d, print medium surface, good light.

e, the paper use the reverse side.

14, irregular vertical black spots:

a, caused by sealing blade deformation waste powder scattered.

b, due to the carbon powder accumulation on the magnetic roller, too much powder leakage caused.

15, color light: related to many factors:

a, carbon powder itself problems

b, drum powder, magnetic roller match problem.

c, aging of powder knife

d, magnetic roller wear

e, drum to life

f, environment humidity, high or medium moisture absorption.

16, bottom ash, bottom ash refers to the blank area of the printing of mist toner, also related to many factors:

a, scraper aging

b, charging roller dirty

c, toner problems

d, drums, fatigue, the life

e, environment of low temperature and dry

f, print media
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