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3 d printing will be blowing horn of industry development in the new economy

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
From this time to launch a period of time when the financial property, to the big dipper stocks, and then is aerospace defense industry, nonferrous stocks continue to be, module stocks among the smallest in 30 more than one hundred percent, the latest celebrity stocks is the 3 d printing module. A year ago in April this year, the British economist will 3 d printing technology as the production of a third industrial revolution most micro memory appliance, think of 3 d printing will produce with other digital standard style together, to promote the successful implementation of the third industrial revolution, the United States is also the 3 d printing ashes expectations as the decorating.
since 2012, the world still has not been destroyed, so 2013 should be supposed to go crazy, the domestic stock market mouth like a big pan of oil temperature of ordinary rose higher and higher, that institutional investors have imagined the hype genre can market permission, the concept of module of individual stocks share price that call up you have no leeway. Both spoke January this year just issued by the state science and technology awards, the country still pushing the 3 d printing industry development plan, all the 3 d printing industry in the leader's position in the industry. Through 3 d printing, can be successfully implemented industrial system works and art preset perfect joint, let many people's life more bright and beautiful and colorful. According to learn, 3 d printing the earliest dates back to hundreds of years 80 times. Not just in industry, the application of 3 d printing has better a, is in People's Daily life, 3 d printing is also layered penetration. The biggest advantage is to don't have to be production model, is adapted to the number on the ground, but with the traditional technology processing has a certain degree of difficulty of production yield. We firmly believe that 3 d printing technology for industrial products and used by the people's life and works of art of winner-take-all, 3 d printing will be blowing horn of new economic industry progress, we wait and see. After all, in today's world the progress of the manufacturing center of gravity is advanced, accurate, personalized, flexibility in terms of migration, which happens to be the best place of 3 d printing industry.
the world manufacturing country, China also go up the 3 d printing as traditional decorating the culmination of a transformation. Because do not have to production line, it reduced the production capital, is also a great deal to detract from the material cost, materials and even only one of the very original. In with the traditional form, represented by a 3 d printing material production technology has many advantages. Through develop the application of 3 d printing, can help increase China's traditional manufacturing high technology content, to improve China's sophisticated manufacturing facilities on the two sides of the market share and influence of both inside and outside, still can achieve the objectives of the environmental protection and energy saving and reducing consumption. At the same time, it also can make special style of things, especially for power equipment, aerospace, transportation and other high-end products of key machinery manufacturing.
with more and more into the workplace after 90, the new couple of floorboard for personalized goods to seek to achieve the greatest degree, 3 d printing satisfied the need of this ethnic group for personalized goods and also for 3 d printing industry progress henceforth is stable a solid customer base. Recently, however, the stock market investors for 3 d printing module stocks of hype, but let us to sniff out a little the feeling of the new economy industry hard.
can't don't want to say is, for all the hype a module stocks, a bit is real, some are pure upper hype, the sham as the genuine. Because of this, 3 d printing module stocks market began to work after this, the speed to gain market echo of the main parties together, become a talk this year ahead of the January market.
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