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3 d printing technology in the application of custom tools

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
Researchers are increasingly used to start the basic plastic 3 d printer cartridge again to build its own particular tools. The chemist at the university of Glasgow leroy & middot; Cronin ( Leroy Cronin) The invention caused a sensation of this year, he invented the reaction parts & ndash; — — Print out the small plastic chemical reaction vessel. G Luo Ninghua 2 $000 bought commercial printer drum unit, silicone sealant, catalyst and reactant to replace the original ink, so that the chemical reaction can be printed. He said, the key is how to make this technology has been widely accepted. His paper claimed that the reaction could be used to produce new chemicals or meet the demand of trace amounts of certain drugs. Now, other chemists as a clever trick, this method only for its real applications remains to be seen. Other researchers in the field of you will find the application of this technology is more direct. Philippe & middot; The d ( 菲利普他们) Rensselaer polytechnic institute in Troy, New York, an environmental engineer, using 3 d printing technology to make permeameter ( Measuring the movement of water through the soil of the device) Custom components. The general commercial equipment can adapt to the daily work, in order to more accurate research he often have to make your required parts design, spend hours on a lathe. The print is much easier. Perhaps more importantly, the dimension and the design file, simply by Posting can let his products get in. Described in the literature can be replicated experiments, the idea of showing a new meaning. He said.
others think that the true power of 3 d printing is that it can blend in science most people's life. Cronin to let anyone & ndash; — — Whether it's remote areas in Africa or in outer space & ndash; — — Print their own medicine. The museum can according to their willingness to widely distribute rare or beautiful fossil exact replica. Students can print out they will carefully study any molecule. Through the three dimensional printing, olson said, can let physical models become popular.
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