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3 d printing studio venture investment is high

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
Xi 'an company launched the first 3 d printing photo studio, Shao Mo yu some defy spirit, he told the reporters, actually own 3 d portrait print pavilion opened in Beijing as early as December last year, he called himself the country's first 3 d studio, but not too much publicity.
maybe because last 3 d printing fry very hot, also opened in Japan before or by the stimulation of the world's first 3 d print studio, now domestic cities are different from the 3 d printing studio such novelty. It doesn't really matter who is the first, it is important to the 3 d start into the ordinary life.
print effect can achieve vivid
in the current 3 d portrait print pavilion, general process are all use scanner to consumers first appearance is scanned, then into a 3 d model data, the output to the 3 d printer drum unit, and about half an hour to an hour to print.
Shao Mo parity own print pavilion print quality is better, because some colleagues so far can only print single color portrait, slightly rough surface, but his own shop, 3 d print image lifelike. Shao Mo yu said, the difference is that if you are using desktop 3 d printer drum unit price is low, there is only one cartridge. The 3 d printer cartridge again many lovers individuals will also purchase, print effect slightly rough surface. We are using the $ten thousand s full-color 3 d printer drum unit, it has five cartridges, color harmony can be achieved after hundreds of thousands of kinds of colour, did very rich details. Shao Mo parity.
Shao Mo yu said, in view of the portrait print, general 3 d printers drum unit size is not enough, can only play a bust, equipped with two sets of view of the above 60 RMB ten thousand printer cartridge again, use them to print the person's upper body and lower body at the same time, be together again, soon can print portrait service.
print pavilion to invest millions of
now many people are talking about the use of 3 d printing to start a business. For domestic 3 d printing industry more familiar NiZhen ( Not his real name) Said that since the see Japan's 3 d printing studio within one month after for several hundred consumers, surrounded by several industry friends, cheer up, want to open a similar store in your city.
but use ordinary desktop printer cartridge again, you try to play feel precision is not enough, a single effect. NiZhen thinks, a 3 d printing can continue to do business, at least equipped with more than one can print different material, different color item 3 d printer cartridge again, but this is bound to be a high cost.
how much is enough? One step ahead of Shao Mo yu, told reporters that since the entity shop opened, a lot of people to ask to join matters: their is an error, think that as long as have the similar enough, but this is a very professional industry, in addition to buy a different machine, considering the continuously introduce new products to continue to attract consumers design cost is higher, I think at least need to invest in eight hundred thousand, just enough to open a shop.
potential partners for insufficient funds, he suggested: they can open a small store experience, ordinary products can meet the print. And personalized needs, to focus on Beijing to print out and complete before delivery to the buyer.
just start from mature although have such idea, but Shao Mo as 3 d printing this business or urgent, need to measure consumer acceptance and now provides three size in store, like, 10 cm price is 1700 yuan, the price is similar to that shop in Japan, first take a look at domestic consumers accept it?
practitioners feel that to reduce the design cost or will become the key to lower product prices, and this requires 3 d printing pavilion with a large number of 3 d designer, have good relations of cooperation between Shao Mo yu said that domestic itself: share the 3 d model of free community mature abroad, and domestic professional website is only one or two, the second light by offline store management is not enough, had better have a larger support 3 d printing special e-commerce sites, the designer's design style is sold as a commodity, around consumers can through the network to buy, to expand the scale of sales.
NiZhen also told reporters that I think people are just the first step, the future for consumers to print a following, print some propose ring box and so on should also have a lot of markets, but it need enough personalized, therefore is not familiar with this industry entrepreneurs, perhaps beginning to consider and some has a certain scale of 3 d printing electricity or community cooperation, in order to obtain a steady stream of 3 d printing design model.
it seems such a high investment, which may be open 3 d printing like pavilion at the present stage is just rich man's game.
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