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3 d printing STL file to add color technology

by:Colorunion     2020-09-04
In this paper, through the study of STL file, graphics add color technology research, and the color interpolation algorithm research, designed a algorithm and method of add color for the inside of a real - - - Color gradient discrete interpolation method, and USES the vc + + 6. 0 and OpenGL tools according to the method of entity internal implementation coloring and made a good test results.

the three dimensional printing rapid prototyping technology, STL file has the indispensable role, but small triangles in the STL is to generate a large defects only normal vector and vertex coordinates, did not establish the topological relation between triangles, but need to establish the topological relati on reading a large number of triangles in STL files vertex information and related information, it will have repeatedly read operation, also can produce a large number of redundant data, so this paper designed a new fast algorithm to establish topological relationship and the algorithm can get slice contour information; Besides color add methods also the technical difficulties in 3 d printing rapid prototyping technology, although the current many 3 d modeling software such as UG, Pro - E can be stained entity, but is based on the vector graphics collection point, line and plane to reflect three-dimensional entity, the entity internal didn't produce real data, and the proposed color gradient discrete method to realize the add color to the entity internal information. The process by the STL file, the outline of entity information available to add algorithm through colour to give each contour internal color, produced by biopsy and adjacent have gradient color effect, finally the whole entity portable color information; CMYK color three dimensional printing rapid prototyping machines using subtractive model, rather than a true RGB color model. Further study of the RGB color model and the CMYK color model related theory, puts forward the RGB model of PC machine is converted to CMYK model of a conversion method, finally the lattice information required by the machine; Developed a color to add software modules.
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