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3 d printing process after

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03

process after printing process has been completed, need some processing measures to strengthen the purpose of molding strength and extend the preservation time, which mainly includes the quiet place, forced curing, powder, coating, etc. Printing process is done, you need to print mold let stand for a period of time, make the molding powder and binder, molecular inter-atomic forces through crosslinking reaction between the action such as cure completely, especially for gypsum and cement as the main composition of powder. Is the first condition of the molding powder and water between hardening, is the adhesive part of strengthening effect, after a certain time of quiet place has important influence on the final forming effect. When the mould with initial hardness, can be used according to different categories and measures to further strengthen the forces, such as by heating, vacuum drying, uv irradiation, etc.
but basis to the preparation of the production model of the unique place with plaster stone, porcelain clay, pinky, print a variety of materials such as polymers, and what more can be based on the materials required for the unique local research material, suitable for usability is very strong, in front of the scene is very broad. And in the variety of materials,

this process completed after the preparation of production model has a strong degree, other face appearance requirements be removed away, brush with wool around the face, and mostly left less face after mechanical oscillation, microwave oscillation, different direction of the wind to remove.

3 d printing except outside rapidly presupposition has very big benefits, can also be used for industrial production ( As the bridge crane, small machinery, etc. ) And medicine, etc. , joint material life cytology artificial bone can be applied to printing, organ printing, etc. Also reports the production model into specially manufacturing in the solvent, the solvent can dissolve last fall's face, but the production model of curing can not be dissolved, can remove remove superfluous face goals are met. Respect but not at home, the overseas product price is more expensive, further KaoQiu conditions needed to reduce material cost and the cost of a 3 d printer drum unit to improve material performance, speed up the production model is dry, simplify the disposal process, after further shows unique place quickly, and the technology to produce more large-scale product development, fully exert its effect. Or the production model into the polymer to try our best to take care of the utility, gas natural resin such as epoxy, cyanoacrylate, melting candles and so on, the final production model can be combined with waterproof, closely, good-looking, not easy to distort the unique place. To go to the end of powder production model, especially made plaster stone, porcelain TaoJi easy bibulous material production model, also needs to think its permanent problems, common way is to brush a layer of waterproof adhesive curing on the outside of the production model, to increase its strength, avoid the water absorption and the intensity of weakening.
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