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3 d printing policy development strategy will be released in China

by:Colorunion     2020-09-04
3 d printing, also known as the delta manufacturing ( additivemanufacturing) Selenium drum, is through the printer rather than the work out all kinds of daily and industrial goods.

Ministry of Science and Technology national training center for information technology in manufacturing the three-dimensional digital technology certification training management office director LuJun still tells a reporter, in fact, 3 d printing technology development has been more than 20 years, since the early 1990 s, domestic and international started almost at the same time. In 2012, the technology got wide attention both at home and abroad, and more is stems from a British economist magazine article, the 3 d printing as one of the important sign of the third industrial revolution. According to introducing, in the domestic, related technology is in the 863 special developed under the national policy support. Today, 3 d printing from the strategic technology into industry which also necessary policy support.

it was revealed that many in the industry between the relevant departments of the calls to pay attention to 3 d printing technology, and the development of the industry has got national level instructions.

now 3 d printing is mainly used in two fields, one is the engineering manufacturing, 2 it is civilian development. In engineering manufacture, on the one hand, is used in national defense, aerospace and other important components of high-end manufacturing production, these parts production requirement is high, or the high cost of traditional process often cannot achieve. On the other hand is a small batch or single for engineering products production, relative to the mass production has significant cost advantages, the material is given priority to with metal.

in recent years, the 3 d printing technology continues to develop, and the cost is greatly reduced, has been out of the momentum of the spread of the mainstream market niche space. Some experts predict that by 2020, print out the finished product will account for 50% of total production.

at the same time, local governments have been leading power. It is reported, China's first 3 d printing industrial park will be located in wuhan east lake high-tech zone, the wuhan municipal development and reform commission and other departments for 3 d printing industry, is a baseline survey, to prepare the plan should be supported and cultivated. Dongguan will be 3 d printed in the local government work report this year. Last December, vice minister of ministry Mr. Su said in public, will promote the industrialization of 3 d printing, and developing a roadmap and the medium and long-term development strategy, and strengthen the fiscal and taxation policies to guide.
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