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3 d printing of the 'bird's nest' shoes don't know what is worth having

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
For 3 d printing, believes everyone not unfamiliar, it can print doll model, also can print Bra, can build a house, even print fresh meat! Is a food and clothing live line one-stop service.
to introduce today is made of 3 d printing high-heeled shoes, the girls look at whether or not to your liking.
the high-heeled shoes by American Fashion studio Continuum Fashion design, named Strvct, is a grid full of futuristic shoes ( Like the bird's nest? ) 。 The whole upper and heel print generated with nylon material, lining a insoles with respect to OK.

the leather insoles is applied for a patent.

these lines look thin fragile, is very strong; And each grid is triangular, slightly some math concepts should be heard triangle has the stability of this sentence. So many stable triangle together, believe that an adult under the weight of completely is not a problem.

another set of design is below this kind of wafer, but haven't go through relevant tests.

this is a concept design, so in the future & middot; · · Girls like?

from the perspective of a man, personal feel this shoes really not too good, probably because I was not enough in the future. In addition, the Suggestions of the studio as soon as possible, design a grid boots, the girls wearing bask in the sun, fishnet stockings will save money, ha ha ha ha & middot; · ·
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