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3 d printing nose is applied the sick with the Gospel

by:Colorunion     2020-09-04
Today, 3 d printing can be applied to the field has gone beyond our imagination. Before they have a lot of 3 d printing technology is applied to the biological engineering instances, such as print, blood vessels, liver, muscle tissue and fresh beef; Now, many organs organization also has had many breakthroughs: 3 d printing ear or nose, for those disaster affected by severe damage in the patient's recovery was appearance, is also a good choice!

by biological selenium drum 3 d printer to print out the ear
recently, experts use PLA environmental protection material, combined with 3 d printing, print out the success human organs & ndash; — Nose. Of course, this organ organization is only one form, there will be a lot of other forms. , experts say, can on the 3 d print out various organs, activate the growth of different organs and tissues accurately, to avoid the pain of organ transplants are mutually exclusive.

nose model according to relevant experts, the technology will be real application in nearly five years, this will mean to those who burn patients brought the Gospel. Hope in the near future, this technology not only help to burn, can also be applied to other types of illness.
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