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3 d printing in the United States has also fire up gradually in China

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
3 d printing in the United States is expected to offer a disruptive technology, not only can change the industrial production, more can enter the life, change such as health, food, gifts, toys and other real life way. In 3 d printing before the preacher wired editor Chris Anderson, driven by 3 d printing industry, not only in the United States also has deep popularity; And although the Chinese media are hyped, but 3 d printing is still difficult to see signs of large-scale industrial and commercial applications, the market has a huge contrast with the United States.

the 3 d printing hot
just finished CES, 3 d printing is one big hot spots, the most important is the CES show 3 d printing technology is striding towards maturity, scale, practical and easy to use.
at CES, 3 d System, MakerBot, Formlabs exhibited several companies, such as dozens of 3 d printer drum unit product that has practical, a large number of 3 d printing products, all kinds of 3 d printing consumables, products ranging from industrial production, commercial, and home series, especially household products both in the number of products, product maturity, material type and application solutions are very rich.
show from the scene products, printing products to the convenience from such aspects as speed and accuracy are very perfect, completely reached the practical level.
in addition to the 3 d printer drum unit and its accessories, consumables. CES and display of 3 d printing modeling system and software are more practical and convenient. Leonar3Do sculpture on the virtual reality technology, users can wear 3 d glasses for 3 d sculpture modeling, and then use 3 d printer drum unit output sculpture physical; And AutoDesk also launched the 123 d modeling software, use the camera took photos of objects from different angles can through the software for the object modeling, then print out 3 d objects.
this technology together, can make people very easily, like using normal printer drum unit, using 3 d printer drum unit, so that the 3 d printer cartridge again true to the family. 3 d System booth staff tells sohu IT, they display the products have already in use in the family in the United States.
in addition to the family with 3 d printer drum unit, the United States also have different size of 3 d printing and 3 d printing factory, accept from the user's 3 d printing task, 3 d printing services for consumers.
in October last year, the world's largest Shapeways 3 d printing factory in New York for the opening, the factory covers an area of 2. 50000 square meters, can accommodate 50 industrial printer drum unit, every year tens of millions of pieces of products produced in accordance with the consumer demand.
as Chris Anderson said in his book 'and guest', as americans, in the hope of using the Internet and the 3 d printer drum unit in combination with the industrial revolution, personalized product manufacturing time.
3 d printing in China also gradually fire up
on January 17, a piece of news first 3 d printing store in Beijing between each big media reports, 3 d printing is silicon valley as the impact of a cutting-edge technology is expected to trigger a third industrial revolution, if it can be open to the public to experience store, is certainly the best 3 d printing to the people of the way.
reporter specially came to the restaurant in Beijing industrial design creative industry base in the 3 d printer drum unit, its essence is still a display function of experience store, the store was not able to provide printing services; The interpretation of the staff is to print a mock-up to several hours, so our more is to want to attract merchants to visit, and tries to explore the model to the society to promote its franchisees.
the store is currently showing the samples are make some industrial grade 3 d printing products, at present to open the store enterprise also indifference of household products, just hoping to explore the promotion of their industrial products.
the current 3 d printing in China is still in the concept of preheating and industry incubation periods, the national level to promote 3 d printing technology applied to explore in the field of creativity and design; There are also some domestic enterprises in the copy some foreign consumer desktop 3 d printer drum unit product, but because it could not form scale, product is basic it is simple and rough engineering machine, I can find a similar product on taobao sales. Sohu IT in the first half of the year who specially bought a similar product verification test has been done. From the time of the product, the product itself is very rough, print out the product precision is low, the printing speed is very slow, there is a certain distance away from the practical, the most important is from related software modeling, output to print use are very complex, at present the main application of groups or enthusiasts or some professional applications.
besides printer drum unit products, domestic at present to be able to use modeling software is it design in the field of the professional software, used for physical scan 3 d scanners are also in more than 100000 yuan worth of professional products, the application of the threshold is very high.
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