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3 d printing enterprise won $6. 2 million financing Shapeways

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
Shapeways, a help people use 3 - D printing production you want product website. A good 3 - you can upload your design D model and select material, for a fee, 3 - Shapeways used D printer cartridge again to print it out and mail it to you. Today the company announced a $6. 2 million financing. Shapeways said plans to use the funding to further expand business and hire more employees, it also plans to build a future factory in New York City as a flagship office.

borrow this chance to obtain financing, Shapeways also share some of their current operating data: the company has already printed for customers, more than one million products on the market of Shapeways about six thousand independent designers, in addition there are about one hundred and fifty thousand active users in the community.

Shapeways users like to print some fun to iPod wear the bracelet on your wrist, or elaborate and complicated pendant jewelry. In the 3 - these products D printing technology has been applied before is hard to imagine. Shapeways provide users with more than 30 material selection, including the common glass, metal, there is also a good elastic plastic. Last year announced can print all kinds of ceramic products, you can use the service to print out their own ceramic tableware and tea.

after we have introduced a lot of 3 d printing, such as the use of solar energy and sand in the 3 d printer drum, drum unit, the device - Replicator double color printer - Print 3 d printing software, etc. , all these bring us a lot of beautiful works of art. 3 - D after the real mature bring the change will be immeasurable. But for now, practical field are mainly concentrated in the daily life of tinkering around the edges, such as a cup or a lovely doll.
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