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3 d printing breakthrough innovation silver stainless steel tableware

by:Colorunion     2020-09-04
Recently, 3 d printing more and more involved in the field, to create the finished product is becoming more and more novel. Latest by designer Francis Bitonti, combined with 3 d printing design a set of silver tableware, its exquisite technology and multifarious pattern design is amazing.

by designer Francis Bitonti 3 d printing of silverware

by designer Francis Bitonti 3 d printing of silverware
3 d printing technology, can help you with the default architect creating more complex products. The outside and eating utensils can now 3 d printing, then the glass also will soon succeed with 3 d printing? Trust can see soon. Four independent branch and presupposition, connected through a group of fiber. 【 Editor gaea gem 】

it is alleged that the default master Francis Bitonti existing local office, has been engaged in the 3 d printing as the default tool works.

the latest 3 d print out eating utensils, biggest specifications for 9 x 1 x 1, the appearance of the silver plating, use up more fit. Long linear element in these highly malleable, very adapt to various functions required, used to make a beautiful dinner appliance is in the right, however. The latest 3 d printing and dining utensils manufacturing process of phase conjugation, succeeded in producing the sterling silver or silver plated stainless steel knife and fork spoon. Just with the help of software or related technology, 3 d printing products, various harmless metal plating. Before, the office has been close to success the default of 3 d printing seats, wall coverings, and skirt deserve to act the role of. The eating utensils to use 3 d printing steel material, and then on the surface of silver, because the non-toxic harmless. Latest default works, is the 3 d printing version of the eating utensils.
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