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3 d printer drum unit of three dimensional printing rapid molding machine system

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
Mechanical system
3 d printing rapid prototyping system is set machinery, control and computer technology as one of the mechatronics system, etc.
3 d printing rapid prototyping system is mainly composed of X-ray Y- Z motor system, the structure of the nozzle, the numerical control module, forming environment module, etc.

X- Y- The Z movement is the basic conditions of rapid prototyping technology for 3 d parts. X - Y of planar scanning movement framework, driven by servo motor control nozzle scanning movement; Z axis servo motor driver control workbench as perpendicular to the X-ray Y plane motion. Scanning structure good follow-up is almost not affected by load, but the speed is higher, with movement of inertia. The Z axis should possess certain carrying capacity and the running smoothness. Therefore, in the system, choose guide - X axis institutions - - Synchronous cog belt. Selects the polished rod - Y institutions - - Synchronous cog belt. Z axis institutions choose bigger servo motor drive screw torque force. Control principle diagram of the three dimensional printing rapid prototyping machines.
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