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3 d printer drum unit analysis of the prospects for development

by:Colorunion     2020-09-04
3 d printing is used as the economist magazine covers, the theme of 'look how manufacturing technology to change the world', was introduced in detail the history and development of 3 d printing, visible for 3 d printing to become a people can influence to change the world is becoming more and more attention. Back in 2011, 3 d printing merger integration into the mainstream market, the industry mainstream 3 d printing company completed a large-scale acquisitions, building the future 3 d printing full service platform, to develop a broader group of users and partners and joint research and development more suitable for the marketing of products.
and the value of 3 d printing in the areas of imagination roam, 3 d printing is making unconstrained style into their feet on the ground, people use of 3 d printing for own field labeled the personalized. People have showed how to model 3 d printing, chocolate, potato town, even extended to use 3 d printing cars and aircraft. The development of 3 d printing industry as its definition itself, highlight the innovation breakthrough the key characteristics.
innovation breakthrough 1:3 D printing application field expands
the advantage of 3 D printing in 2011 is fully used in biomedical field, using 3 D printing to directly print the concept of biological tissue is increasingly appreciated. Typically include Open3DP innovation team announced 3 d printing succeeds in printing the application of bone tissue, using 3 d printing to make human bone tissue technology is ripe; Harvard University school of medicine, a research team has successfully developed a biological cells can be printing equipment; In addition, 3 d printing attempts are also under study in human organs. 【 In respect of 3 d printing materials, the Objet company launched new biocompatibility 3 d printing materials to be used for medical and dental solution. 】
with the diversified development of 3 d printing materials and printing technology innovation, 3 d printing not only in the traditional manufacturing industry reflects the extraordinary development potential, at the same time its glamour more extensions to the manufacture of food, clothing, film &tv and education, and other luxury goods is closely related to people's life.
【 In the film and television media, for example, in November 2011, by Steven & middot; Steven spielberg, Hugh & middot; Jackman starred action inspirational film 'real steel', surrounding the future of robot boxing, tells the story of an inspirational story, full of dreams and the family of father and son of affection is the popularity of the film a big selling point. In order to let the protagonist in the slice & ndash; — Robots look more vivid, Legacy Effects special Effects company use Objet 3 d printer cartridge again made 1:5 the size of the model. After finish modeling, hand-painted, polishing and review, full sized robot Adam, noisy boy and surprise successively completed, high precision of 3 d printing production presented the lifelike characters. By the motion capture technology and the perfect combination of actual size simulation model of robot, is vividly deduce the passionate about robot fighting scenes, a bonus for the film. 】
【 In addition, Legacy Effects company also hand in hand with Objet made Hollywood blockbuster 'Jurassic park 3', 'iron man 2', 'avatar' and animation in 'ghost mother' the model of size. 】
【 Movie star Jackie chan's 'zodiac' in the Chinese zodiac first like a fake production, is the production of 3 d printing process and use. 】
innovation breakthrough 2:3 D printing speed, size and technology changes with each passing day
on speed breakthrough, in 2011, the personal use of 3 D printing speed of drum unit has broke through the limit of the wire feeding speed is 300 mm per second, up to 350 mm per second. On the breakthrough volume, 3 d printer drum unit volume to meet the demands of different industries, also appears lightsome and diversification of large size selection. There are many is suitable for the small office print drum unit 3 d printers, light and constantly challenge the limit, entered the family foundation for the future.
in Vienna University of Technology in a research project, the team designed by far the world's smallest 3 d printing equipment, and reduces the manufacturing cost of printing equipment, is expected in the family in the future. In Germany in the field of large size, 3 d printing company issued 4000 x2000x1000mm size 3 d printer cartridge again, the large size 3 d printer drum unit makes it possible to print a large size parts molding.
3 d printing technology with each passing day, in the 2011 Lexus released new 3 d printing technology, the technology is based on high-tech circular knitting technology, using laser 3 d printing, can make complex 3 d model in the form of woven.
using 3 d printing technology to improve the art and life too. For example, the Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen shows its costume design works, these clothing works all use 3 d printer drum forming at a time. Through 3 d printing manufacture clothing, breakthrough the limitation of the traditional cut clothes, help designers fully show its inspiration. At Cornell university in a project, the team made a 3 d printer drum unit used for printing of food, showing the unique way of cooking. Its advantage is able to accurately control the material distribution inside the food and the structure, will originally need experience and technology of fine cooking into a simple design of the electronic screen.
innovation breakthrough 3:
design platform innovation based on 3 d printing MinYongHua popular trend, 3 d printing design platform is developing from the professional design software to design simple application, including comparative mature platform based on WEB platform for the 3 d design & ndash; — 3 d Tin, in addition, Microsoft, Google and other software giant launched one after another based on a variety of 3 d printing application of the open platform, greatly reduce the threshold of the 3 d design, and even some applications have can make ordinary users through similar to play lego design 3 d model.
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