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2015 general drum drum unit wholesale industry summit in Asia

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
Since 2015, the general drum industry mergers and acquisitions and cooperation event coming up, in the face of the combination, sino-foreign cooperation under the environment of the trend of The Times, the general drum drum unit industry will be how to realize the resource integration, how to cope with the challenges of the future? General drum unit at home and abroad manufacturers and dealers will meet in zhuhai, listen to the original ideas of the industry experts, with experts to explore industry development. In October 2015, the 'consolidation, challenge the future' drum unit wholesale industry summit to be held! Zhuhai international conference and exhibition center figure 2015 general drum toner cartridge unit wholesale Asia - industry summit will be held on October 15 16, held at the zhuhai international conference center. Different is that this year's conference will be composed of two half a day, that is 13:00 - October 15 17:00 and October 16 as 9:00 to 13:00, facilitating the clients to arrange time and schedule. According to introducing, industry summit moving to zhuhai international conference and exhibition center, stadium with zhuhai drum unit batch of development at the same time, to provide customers with more convenient and high quality 'tall' business platform, so as to save time and improve the efficiency of attending. Organizers said the summit nearly 20 professionals share current situation of the development of industry and market at home and abroad, lecture topics include mergers and acquisitions, original and generic drum unit of competition and cooperation, lexmark case progress, MPS market, industry, the new mode, new channels, platforms, new technology, enterprise listing, etc. Figure, zhuhai international conference and exhibition center hall is estimated 2015 industry summit attendees will exceed 200 people, covers 40 and region, Asia drum unit wholesale industry summit, 'said general industry has undergone earth-shaking changes in 2015, the year is destined to become an important milestone in the industry. General drum unit enterprise by participating in our industry summit, to be able to know more about the trend of the development of the industry, to better enterprise's strategic development plan. More about 2015 general drum drum unit wholesale Asia industry summit of information, please visit drums manufacturers drum unit official website WWW. southyusen。 Com note: this content from the Internet.
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